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Resources for Hewlett Packard Handheld PC's hosts ARM cab installers and binaries for the Jornada 7xx series Handheld PC.

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Handheld Attitude (j7xx)
Handheld Attitude, formally j7xx and home of j7xx software is the home of the largest Jornada 720 compatible software library

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J720 Blog
A blog for HPC beginners like myself, trying to make an old HPC2000 device useful in 2013.

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HP Jornada 820 Handheld computer

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Jornada 820 Index
This site has information and resources for the Jornada 820. It also has links to other pages with information on the Compaq C-Series and Atari Portfolio.

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Mettavant Passions
Claude Mettavant's Software listings for the hp Jornada 710, 720 and 728.

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