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Posted 2017-02-18 12:03 AM
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@Duckworth: Hey, congrats on the purchase. Hope it provides as much fun as it has for me. A guy on xda says he'll make a rooted ROM for our exact machines; I'll keep you posted.

As for Google spying, I'm much more cynical than you are. I believe that any browser you use, any phone call you make, any message you send is monitored 24-7 by malevolent strangers. My credit card has been hacked three times in the past two years and I simply choose to have a bank that doesn't blink at this and will give me back all the stolen money. I'm happily married, have sex with only my wife, so my privacy is already an open book. I don't write any email, send any text, make any forum comment that I wouldn't say to someone's face.

If you're willing to lead my kind of life, you'd be surprised how private it turns out to be, regardless of the browser

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