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Posted 2005-07-29 4:45 AM
H/PC Philosopher


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I was able to get applications autoexecuting from my CF card at startup by doing the following:

1. I created a shortcut to my batch file and placed it in \Windows\StartUp so that it gets executed every time I do a soft reset
2. I edited the shortcut's properties to read: "cmd" /c "\Storage Card\cmdfile.cmd"
3. I created a cmdfile.cmd file (same thing as a batch file) on my CF card and edited it in a text editor. I added the following contents to the file:

start "\Storage Card\autoexecute\lf.exe"
start "\Storage Card\autoexecute\TapRight.exe"
start "\Storage Card\autoexecute\mute.exe"

The batch script starts all my programs up flawlessly and I have no shaved another 500 KB or so from my main system memory! I may add some more commands to the batch file in the future (deleting temp directories, clearing IE cache, etc.). I am still looking for a good way to avoid .bmp based background images...

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Posted 2005-07-29 11:17 AM

H/PC Elder


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Barrie, Ontario
Bravo Rocketman! , but.....

That only works on a version of CE that waits for the file system to be fully initialized before trying to access it. It looks like all the jornadas are that way.

My 6651 isn't. I still need a loop check for the presence of the CF card before I try to access the contents. By combining my loop test and your use of START everything works great for me.
I've now peaked at RAM conservation. I can't save any more unless I remove portrait or caligrapher and the wasteful bitmaps they own.

BTW: where did you learn about the START command? nm. I typed help at the console

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