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08 October 2007

Field Software Logo Review: Field Software's Maze Craze 1.15
In his latest review John Ottini delves into Field Software's Maze Craze version 1.15, an oddly named Pac-man clone with an entrepreneurial twist.

Not content with the usual good vs. evil ghoul slant, Maze Craze draws its barricades between our main pragmatist and hero of the hour 'Nerdly' on the one hand, and overbearing government regulators who are hell-bent on seeing his empire torn down (perhaps for tax evasion?) on the other.

Can John help Nerdly to make a million? Can anyone really escape the IRS, or do they always get their man?! Find out and let us know what you think of the review and the game in the associated forum discussion.
View: Maze Craze 1.15
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