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Meet the Staff: Richard Hawley

Find out about the people behind HPC:Factor, what makes them tick, how they came to be here and what they do when they're away from the keyboard.



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Rich Hawley

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10 December 2004

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Rich Hawley was a student when Eisenhower was president. He is a retired and pretty much sits on his butt all day long.



Rich Hawley believes that life is a series of adventures and should be lived in that fashion.


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Latest News Posts

Softmaker Office 2016
From Textmaker 2002 to Softmaker Office 2016 by Rich Hawley

It has been a long voyage from Textmaker 2002 to now...Windows CE has become just a past memory for Softmaker...yet still they make great products, even if not for Windows CE.

I just received an offer to download... Continue Reading »
Published 4 years ago | Post Type: Announcement item | 0 comments | Author: Rich Hawley
Who is John Funderburg?
Many people have never heard of John Funderburg...and that includes most of the HPC community. John's claim to fame lies in his authoring of what is arguably the best chess game ever designed for the HPC. That game is titled PalmChess! Oh, now you recognize something, eh?... Continue Reading »
Published 8 years ago | Post Type: EXCLUSIVE item | 9 comments | Author: Rich Hawley
2011, More for your money? Yep, you bet!
Whether it was Tanoshii kurisumasu wo or Sretni praznici, the message was the same everywhere I web surfed, happy holidays! And at HPCFactor, we hope that everyone, everywhere had a great holiday season. Of course the unwritten message I read was, "buy it here!"

Did you realize that it... Continue Reading »
Published 8 years ago | Post Type: Editorial item | 3 comments | Author: Rich Hawley


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