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Meet the Staff: Chris Tilley

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Joined the Staff: 2000
Forum Username: C:Amie
Joined the Forum: 17 September 2004
Forum Member Number: 1
Forum Post Count 15,828
Location United Kingdom
Biography Last Updated: 22/12/2013



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Handheld PC Devices

Handheld PC Device information is taken automatically from the results of the 2009 Handheld PC Census.


Other On-Line Community Involvment

Personal Website: Click to view C:Amie's Personal Website

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Latest News Posts

Celebrate 1 year of Handheld Computing and win a HP RZ1710
This week marks the first anniversary of the launch of the YouTube Channel Handheld Computing. Over the course of the last year the channel has exceeded the 500 YouTube subscribers mark. The approachable, friendly format is proving a hit with viewers while hitting the button on resonating the nostalgia bone... Continue Reading »
Published 2 days ago in News
C:Amie · 0 comments
PocketDOS is available to buy once again
There has been quite a lot of talk over the last few years surrounding the "are they, aren't they" status of the PocketDOS company closing shop. Over the last couple of days we have been heartened to welcome the founder and developer of XT-CE/PocketDOS to the site. He has been... Continue Reading »
Published 1 month ago in News
C:Amie · 4 comments
How-to-Geek remembers Windows CE
If you are feeling ever nostalgic about the bygone age of Windows CE, Benj Edwards over at How-to-Geek has published a short editorial on the topic of "What was Windows CE, and why did people use it?".

Controversial use of the Oxford comma aside, Benj has a quick romp through HPC:Factor's... Continue Reading »
Published 6 months ago in News
C:Amie · 1 comment
History of Windows CE - 30pin talks to Brad Silverberg & HPC:Factor
30pin.com's Yuri Litvinenko has just published an article in which he takes a reflective view of the addled history of Windows CE across the last 24 years.

In discussion with various players from within Microsoft, including Brad Silverberg, Microsoft’s then Senior VP of Personal Systems, Harel Kodesh, Microsoft’s former VP of... Continue Reading »
Published 8 months ago in News
C:Amie · 2 comments


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