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General Handheld PC Resources Links, The Handheld PC Directory

Links to selected Handheld PC Community partner sites, making up the crèam de le crème of what the Internet has to offer.

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Handheld Attitude (j7xx)
Handheld Attitude, formally j7xx and home of j7xx software is the home of the largest Jornada 720 compatible software library
Submitted by C:Amie on 22 July 2006
Handheld Underground
Tari Akpodiete's Handheld PC Multimedia and entertainment site with wallpapers, eBooks, audio Books and more!
Submitted by C:Amie on 29 January 2007
The Internet's largest Handheld PC resource site, and the website you are currently on!
Submitted by C:Amie on 21 July 2006
My Mobilepro
General support site for all Mobilepro HPCs with some file downloads.
Submitted by C:Amie on 22 July 2006
The Handheld PC Newsletter
The Handheld PC Newsletter provides news, reviews, links and discussion on all matters impacting the Handheld PC community as seen from the perspective of Editor and long-term community devotee John Ottini.
Submitted by C:Amie on 22 July 2006
Used Handhelds
Owned by Thaddeus Computing, creators of SmartPhone & Pocket PC Magazine, Used Handheld's buy, sell and repair Handheld PC and other Windows CE devices
Submitted by C:Amie on 22 July 2006
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Software listing websites & software download repositories.
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Links to other Windows CE technical support resources.
YouTube Channels
Links to YouTube Channels who cover Windows CE based Handheld PC's or Windows CE Core devices as their main theme, or on an ongoing basis.