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Links to other Windows CE technical support resources

Digital Gadgets website
This is the company support website for the Sylvania Netbook.

Home Page | Support | Views: 1878

Submitted by: tlgalenson - Submitted on: 30 May 2011

The Internet's largest Handheld PC resource site, and the website you are currently on.

Home Page | Support | Views: 3719

Submitted by: C:Amie - Submitted on: 21 July 2006

HPCNut Online Forum
HPCNut Online Forum brings you a place to gather to talk about Windows CE and Windows Mobile.

Home Page | Views: 1053

Submitted by: stingraze - Submitted on: 25 November 2007

Jornada 820 Index
This site has information and resources for the Jornada 820. It also has links to other pages with information on the Compaq C-Series and Atari Portfolio.

Home Page | Views: 527

Submitted by: PDXMark - Submitted on: 02 February 2014

Personal Blog of Jason Dunn
Jason Dunn's current writing and archived material for Windows CE and the Philips Velo

Home Page | Views: 1612

Submitted by: C:Amie - Submitted on: 29 January 2007

Pocket PC FAQ
Formerly CEWindows.net. Website of Microsoft MVP Chris De Herrera. Contaisn lots of FAQ information on many generations of Windows CE device

Home Page | Views: 1213

Submitted by: C:Amie - Submitted on: 16 September 2006

Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine
Formerly Handheld PC Magazine. The Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine archives contains a large collection of published H/PC articles and links.

Home Page | Views: 1034

Submitted by: C:Amie - Submitted on: 16 September 2006

Sylvania Netbook Community
This is a Yahoo group dedicated to user-to-user support of the "Sylvania Netbook". The SN is a specific brand of the 7" sub-netbook running Win CE 6.

Home Page | FTP | Views: 1794

Submitted by: tlgalenson - Submitted on: 17 June 2011