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Joined the Staff: 2000
Forum Username: C:Amie
Joined the Forum: 17 September 2004
Forum Member Number: 1
Forum Post Count 16,309
Location United Kingdom
Biography Last Updated: 12/02/2022

Handheld PC Devices

Handheld PC Device information is taken automatically from the results of the 2009 Handheld PC Census.

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Latest News Posts

Astro Slide 5G - An Android SmartPhone with a H/PC twist
Planet Computers, makers of the well known Gemini have announced the availability of a new device to pre-order.

The Astro Slide 5G is a dockable hybrid. The £729 ($950 USD, €873 EUD, ¥118,000 JPY est.) device offers all the standard convenience of a typical bar SmartPhone with a dockable Jornada /... Continue Reading »
Published 1 month ago in News
C:Amie · 2 comments
Developer Focus: Pocket Genealogist
If you've ever dove into the world of ancestral research, then you may have found yourself laid low in the darkened halls of your local or national library searching for information on some or other "long dead maybe".

As with so many things in the world of CE, your Handheld PC... Continue Reading »
Published 2 months ago in News
C:Amie · 0 comments
Developer Focus: Smartlink Corporation
The latest name in our series on "developers who still sell or offer their software" is Smartlink Corporation.

Smartlink Corp is a creator and distributor of multilingual and languages software. Their primary Windows CE applications are ParaWin CE, a input method editor and localisation tool for European languages.

The Pocket CONTEXT range,... Continue Reading »
Published 2 months ago in News
C:Amie · 0 comments
Developer Focus: Henri Spagnolo
A name that any veteran of the Windows CE community will instantly recognise. Henri Spagnolo aka HPC:Factor member Henri was the creator of the legendary Jornada 700 series site Handheld Attitude - which remains online to this day!

In addition to being a core member of the Handheld PC website... Continue Reading »
Published 2 months ago in News
C:Amie · 5 comments

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