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Meet the Staff: Gregg Fritchle

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Joined the Staff: 2007
Forum Username: CE Geek
Joined the Forum: 09 September 2005
Forum Member Number: 845
Forum Post Count 12,436
Location Southern California
Biography Last Updated: 18/06/2017


Born 1960 Native (or maybe naive) Southern Californian Enrolled in the University of Southern California (Fight On!) at age 16; bachelor's degree in psychology 1981 Master's degree in psychology 1985, California State University, Los Angeles Social worker in child welfare services for 21 years


Interests: well, at least one is pretty obvious! Aside from that my primary interest is social activism - I've been a political and/or labor activist for most of the past 18 years, which has helped this shy little boy grow into a pretty obnoxious man (as evidenced by the phrase in the middle of my signature). I reside in a local suburb of Los Angeles with about 30,000 residents, where I've run (unsuccessfully) for my City Council twice. Currently a candidate for the California Legislature. I'm also into off-road riding, as evidenced by my avatar (no, it's not me - Microsoft gets credit for that one). Needless to say, I like intellectual pursuits as well - I'm an avid chessplayer who once defeated one of the UK's strongest grandmasters in a tournament in Hawaii in 1998.

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Latest News Posts

Microsoft announces Windows Embedded Compact 2013
Thanks to HPC:Factor member thcrw739 for calling our attention to Microsoft's announcement today of the coming release of Windows Embedded Compact 2013, the next generation of what we here know as Windows CE.

The new version will include several enhancements, including improved memory management and file system performance, improved networking capabilities,... Continue Reading »
Published 9 years ago in News
CE Geek · 2 comments
H/PC Holidays!
Well, we've survived the end of the world, so we can now turn our attention to the holidays. We at HPC:Factor wish all our members an enjoyable and safe holiday season. While you celebrate with friends, please remember the less fortunate - and we don't just mean those without a... Continue Reading »
Published 10 years ago in Editorial
CE Geek · 2 comments
.NET CF 1.0 successfully ported to CE 2.xx; will .NET CF 2.0 be next?
CodePlex open-source developer Stefanov succeeded last year in compiling versions of the .NET Compact Framework 1.0 that are compatible with Windows CE 2.0, 2.01, and 2.11 devices, thereby breathing new life into these older Windows CE devices by allowing them to run many newer applications.

Now, Stefanov is considering working on... Continue Reading »
Published 13 years ago in News
CE Geek · 9 comments
New WiFi Voice Communication Software to Support Windows CE
WindowsForDevices.com reports the upcoming release of software by Wavelink Corporation that will allow voice communication between two computers within a local WiFi network. Included will be versions for Windows CE and Windows Mobile as well as for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. The only hardware requirements are 802.11a/b/g connectivity, microphone... Continue Reading »
Published 13 years ago in News
CE Geek · 4 comments

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