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Casio Service Pack 2

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Service Pack 2 offers speed and performance update for the Casio A5x. Updates are for the serial port and keyboard driver.

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C:Amie on 02/06/2009 6:10:23 PM


Service Pack 2 offers speed and performance update for the Casio A5x. Updates are for the serial port and keyboard driver.

Installation method of the Casio service pack 2

1. Please verify that it is designed in such a way that H/PC Explorer can be installed just in the personal computer, can communicate with Cassiopeia first.

Stock Cassiopeia (A-50/A-51) when power is turned off,SRVC02.LZH is downloaded to the suitable directory of the personal computer. Because the file it is compressed with ZIP type, before installing, firstplease thaw SRVC02.ZIP. The file of SETUP.EXE and the like appears in the folder ahead thawing.

The download program (the installer it is attached)SRVC02.LZH (554,954byte)

The personal computer and Cassiopeia are connected the serial cable (the RS232C cable) with, Cassiopeia power is turned on.

4. In addition to you read README well, SETUP.EXE whichis thaweddouble is clicked.

5. After H/PC Explorer has become communication state, the necessary file is transferred from the personal computer to Cassiopeia (the installer - following to the indication, it operates).

6. Before installing to Cassiopeia, module is copied once in the disk on PC. First it appoints that folder and clicks "to the next".

7. Before downloading in Cassiopeia, Cassiopeia and PC are connected.
After connected job completes, "it is and" clicks. Because it downloads on Cassiopeia side, until processing ends, please wait.
* "There is a possibility of already having been installed to H/PC. Is installation continued? When "with the message which is said is indicated, service pack 2 is already installed to Cassiopeia side. It is not, "to call please be able" because the necessity to install and choose and cancel installation.
* "File" XXXXXX "exists already. It superscribes? When "with the message which is said is indicated," to be "or please click" all superscriptions ". "To call it can and" clicks and when the file which is not downloaded exists, being to be times when it does not operate normally please note.

Note when installing the Casio service pack 2

- When installation ends, after pushing the Cassiopeia reset button, please restart the substance (pushing the reset button, memory contents are not cleared).

* The keyboard driver (Keybddr V1.1) the case of the installation to Cassiopeia which is not installed please pay attention to also the point below.
- When shortcut.exe is started with Cassiopeia, before executing installation, please end. When shortcut.exe is started, because the idea contest of the Func key is indicated in the task tray, if the double tap it does this, it can end, (setting contents of shortcut of the Func key are not cleared. That way it becomes effective).
- Keybddr which is set up with Sys_init of the Casio service pack of CASSIOPEIA TM Bonus Software Applications CD-ROM becomes unnecessary. After making the substance restart, please delete "keybddr" with "deletion of application" of the control panel.

* The driver which this time is installed is dicated "Keybddr1".

Contents of the Casio service pack 2

- The file below is renewed.
Serial.dll(36,864 byte)
Keybddr1.dll(18,432 byte)
Shortcut.exe(12,288 byte)

- The serial driver (Serial.dll) is renewed.

- The keyboard driver (keybddr1.dll) with shortcut.exe is renewed.

* When the keyboard driver (Keybddr V1.1) it has been installed already, the renewal of keybddr1.dll and shortcut.exe is not executed.
- Trouble of communication at 7 bits in data length is corrected at the time of serial communicating.
- The substantial transfer efficiency by the infrared ray port is improved.
- The COM5 port (the serial 3 pin) due to the substantial transfer efficiency is improved.
- The speed of response for key-in is improved.
- Starting shortcut.exe, when it makes the Func key effective, it cancelled the restriction where shortcut of the Windows key stops being effective.
- Because shortcut.exe is installed in Windows\ startup, pushing the reset button, when it restarts the substance, the Func key becomes effective.
* The system uses the serial driver and the keyboard driver. After the installation ending when the Cassiopeia reset button is pushed, LOAD it is done in the system, can execute un installation and cannot delete and becomes.

System Requirements:

If installed, users should update QV-LINK to at least version 1.2 before installing this update. QV-LINK is not required to install this update.

Windows CE Compatibility:
Windows CE 1.01 (Handheld PC 1.01)


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