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Adobe Acrobat Reader 2.0 for HPC2000

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Adobe Acrobat Reader 2.0 for Handheld PC 2000 devices.

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C:Amie on 13/07/2009 11:03:08 AM


Adobe Systems inc. release their second version of Acrobat Reader for StrongArm based Pocket PC's in 2003. However this release did not include a Handheld PC binary.
Users outside of HPC:Factor have been successful in running the Pocket PC version of reader under the Handheld PC with a number of library modifications.

A compiled binary has been created by HPC:Factor with all of the necessary modifications and library adjustments included. Allowing for successful use under HPC2000 StrongArm devices.

A MIPS binary is not available.
All feedback on the distributions should be addressed to the forums.

Unlike the previous HPC:Factor release no system files are written into the \Windows directory and compatibility issues which were seen to affect other programs have been remedied.

By downloading the file from HPC:Factor you must agree to the EULA terms.

HPC:Factor Terms
This installer has been created by HPC:Factor for the sole purpose of simplifying the use of Adobe Acrobat on the Handheld PC.

- By downloading this file you agree to the following conditions:
This file is provided at no cost to the Handheld PC community by HPC:Factor.com
- You agree not to redistribute this file
- Subsequent to these terms you are bound by the Adobe Systems inc. EULA document displayed upon first running the application
This file has been compiled as an installer by HPC:Factor. We have in no way modified any Adobe Systems inc. application code in anyway
- If you are a webmaster and wish to link into this file please link into the main CESD-S-0090 article that covers this download.
- Hotlinking from HPC:Factors servers will not be permitted.
- Acrobat is the sole legal property of Adobe Systems inc.
- Use of this file is done entirely at the users risk. No warranty is implied or offered.


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