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Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1

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Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer version 1.1 for Windows CE 1.0.

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114 KB - 2.10 MB
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English (United States)
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C:Amie on 02/06/2009 6:10:23 PM


Features in Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer version 1.1

- Security: Feel confident buying and selling items on the Internet. Your personal data will be encrypted before it is sent across the Internet.
Cookies: Get the most out of your visits to Web pages, which use cookie technology to enhance their sites.
- Caching: Speed-Now you don't have to wait as long to return to pages you've recently visited. Offline-You can now access these same recently visited pages even after you've disconnected to reduce your online time.
- Save As: Save permanent copies of images and HTML pages; you can even save the HTML source and view it in Microsoft Pocket Word.

System Requirements:

This download is for Handheld PCs (H/PCs) running Windows CE 1.0 only. This download will not work on H/PCs powered by Windows CE 2.0.

mspie11e.exe - Desktop Installer
mspie11p.exe - Full Installer (MIPS)
mspie11s.exe - Full Installer (SH3)
pie11ep.exe - Security Update Installer (MIPS)
pie11es.exe - Security Update Installer (SH3)

Windows CE Compatibility:
Windows CE 1.00 (Handheld PC 1.0)


1.09 MB
MD5: F53F24E1A384EBBDC8D8953E8DDDD694
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MD5: D929C4CBDF59B9136E4E086CD646922D
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MD5: FB802DC4760A6AE026D46BC4B25338D2
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MD5: 9CBAE35F1783E8F0B1FA494D63FAAB9E


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