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Sylvania OS Update

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Windows CE 6.0 ROM Update for the Sylvania Wireless Smartbook CE6.

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64.84 MB
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English (United States)
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C:Amie on 31/01/2012 3:23:42 PM


Change Log:

1. Registry changes
a) IEsample hompage and search page changed
2. Modified Malang.ini
HotKey01 = FFFF+0073=apprun:\Windows\iesample.exe
#Win + X
HotKey02 = 005B+0058=apprun:close
#Fn + F1 (F11)
HotKey03 = FFFF+007a=volume:-
#Fn + F2 (F12)
HotKey04 = FFFF+007b=volume:+
HotKey05 = FFFF+0075=backlight:-
HotKey06 = FFFF+0076=backlight:+
#Win + UP
HotKey08 = 0057+0026=wifi:on
#Win + DOWN
HotKey09 = 0057+0028=wifi:off
#Win + S
HotKey10 = 0057+0053=wifi:switch
3. Added desktop links to AOL News, Amazon, Fandango and Games and respective small apps.
4. Fixed keyboard shortcuts.
5. New wifi driver drom RaLink/Wondermedia build 8/26/2010 to remove memory leak.


- Format an SD card 1GB or larger to FAT32
- Insert formated SD card into your PC
- Download and save the sylvania_smartbook_OS_update.zip file
- Unzip the sylvania_smartbook_OS_update.zip file to the root of an SD card.
- This should result in the creation of a folder called script in the root directory of the SD card.
- Insert the SD card into the SmartBook (netbook) device and power on the netbook.
- The netbook will update its software.
- When completed, remove the SD card and reboot the netbook.

System Requirements:

Sylvania Wireless Smartbook CE6
SD Card

Windows CE Compatibility:
Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2


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