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NETBOOK PRO Upgrade: 1000985-404 International

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ROM Upgrade version 4.04 (2005-11-29) for the NetBook Pro

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C:Amie on 02/06/2009 6:10:23 PM


Upgrade Procedure:

1) Unzip all files with a .img extension to a CF, SD or MMC memory card. The card may be FAT-12 or FAT-16, but not FAT-32 unless the version being upgraded is -400 (BooSt C095l) or later.

2) Remove any Total Recall profiles from the card, or change their .pfl extensions; unless you have created a profile you wish to restore.

3) Remove or rename any file on the card named nbkproOS.img.

4) Disconnect any cables between Netbook and PC, and open the case.

5) Remove all CF, SD/MMC and PC cards.

6) Ensure that the main battery is well charged, or connect the external power.

7) (Optional) By connecting a serial ActiveSync cable between the serial port, and a PC running terminal emulation at 115.2 Kbps (N-8-1), log the upgrade progress and results.

8) Get the unit into the BooSt menu as follows:
Reset it with a paper clip or similar blunt tool. (The reset switch is beneath the small hole to the right of the right hand shift key.)
When the reset occurs, the screen will go off.
Turn on the unit while holding down “ctrl D”

9) Wait for the Netbook to boot into the BooSt menu.

10) Insert the memory card.
The script should run, load the necessary files, run a flash memory ecc check and cold start WinCE. Do not disturb the Netbook while this is taking place. It should restart automatically and boot into CE.

11) In the Control Panel - System - Properties tab, check that the reported date codes for WinCE, BooSt and PCon match those in the table above.

This completes the upgrade.

Note that except for Total Recall profiles (.pfl) it is not good practice to leave files on a storage card
in the Netbook Pro, that might be automatically loaded should the unit cold start. This includes files named
nbkproBT.img, and

Attempt recovery from a hung I2C bus

SCR 12102:
Prevent I2C bus lockup on Rev E 7535 (not likely to affect Netbook Pro, but included)

SCR 11559:
Fixed a condition causing the clock to reset to 1/1/1980 00:00:00.

Attempt recovery from a hung I2C bus

BooSt portability changes (no functional changes)

Fixed a condition in which the netbook would remain on if the case was closed during a warm reset
(ctl-alt-del or via reset switch).

SCR 11945:
Correct WWAN PIN handling for Novatel UMTS modems. Previously an incorrect PIN would get submitted
to the modem 3 times resulting in a locked SIM and requiring a PUK to unlock.
The problem is specific to Novatel UMTS modems.

SCR 12102:
Prevent I2C bus lockup on Rev E 7535 (added to Netbook Pro as a precaution)

SCR 11761:
Support 'hide' per-applet registry entry. Specifically added 'hide' reg entries for
Internet applet
WWAN (Connection) Applet
Total Recall.
This allows the control panel applets to be hidden.

SCR 11868:
Now TweakIt supports any size of Binary data registry value

SCR 11978:
TweakIt no longer causes a data abort when it exits


PRJ 86:
PCMCIA: Correct operation for Option Globetrotter v2
Added support for iDEN Modems
Updated GPRS Operator database
Correct SMS support for iO200 iDEN modem (see also note about SMS in Special Instructions).

Windows CE Compatibility:
Windows CE .net 4.20


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