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Universal Management Agent Plus Plugin

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IBM Universal Management Agent (UMA) 1.1 for the Workpad z50.

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1. Overview
IBM UMA Plus for IBM WorkPad z50 is a plus module plugged into IBM Universal Management Agent (UMA) 1.1 and provides the way to display the information of IBM WorkPad z50 attached to the UMA client PC. The information of IBM WorkPad z50 can be viewed on the local or remote Microsoft Internet Explorer and be integrated into other system management applications, such as; the Tivoli
Inventory/NetView, Microsoft SMS1.2 in the same way other information is made available by the UMA.
This plus module supports the following IBM WorkPad z50 information.
- Manufacturer
- Model Type
- Processor Information
- Physical Memory
- Object Store Total
- Object Store Free
- ROM Information
- OS Version
- OS Build Number
- OS Language
- Device Name
- Description
- User Name (Owner Information)
- Company (Owner Information)
- Address (Owner Information)
- User Contact1 (Owner Information)
- User Contact2 (Owner Information)
- Last Connection time

Note: IBM WorkPad z50 information is gathered by the UMA client only when there is a connection established between them. The information is updated on the device while it is connected to the client, but the changes will be reflected on the UMA at the next connection time.

2. Requirement
- UMA Client PC
Hardware - Same hardware supported by UMA 1.1.
Operating System - Same operating systems supported by UMA 1.1.
- IBM WorkPad z50 - IBM 2608-1Ax
- Other software required on the UMA client
Windows CE Services 2.2 packaged with IBM 2608.
Microsoft Internet Explorer - Supported version is same to UMA 1.1.

3. Installation
The UMA Plus for IBM WorkPad z50 can be installed on the system where the Microsoft Windows CE Services 2.2 and IBM Universal Management Agent 1.1. have been installed.
To install this plus module, execute "SETUP.EXE" in the directory where the plus module files are extracted, then a Welcome dialog and License Agreement dialog will be displayed.
To install this plus module without responding to these dialogs, use "-s" option like "SETUP.EXE -s".
To operate UMA Plus for IBM WorkPad z50 properly, the client system needs to be rebooted.

4. Integrating with other network management programs
4.1. Tivoli Inventory integration
To gather the IBM WorkPad z50 information by the Tivoli Inventory, a new table named "Windows CE Device" is required on the Tivoli Inventory server system.
To create the Windows CE Device table in the database, follow this procedure.

1) Execute "invwce.bat" located in the "%UMA_DIRECTORY%\Inventory" directory, then the following delta files for Windows CE Device are created in the "%UMA_DIRECTORY%\Inventory\Tivoli" directory.
- queries.sh
- queries_db2.sh
- uma_db2_schema.sql
- uma_ms_sql_schema.sql
- uma_oracle_schema.sql
- uma_sybase_schema.sql

2) Modify each file as follows using a text editor program.
- queries.sh and queries_db2.sh: Delete the top line, "query_lib=$1".
- uma_db2_schema.sql and uma_oracle_schema.sql: Delete the bottom line, "commit;".
- uma_ms_sql_schema.sql and uma_sybase_schema.sql: No modification is required.

3) Append the contents of each file to the file having the same file name in the directory "%TIVOLI_DIRECTORY%\Uma\Inventory" on the Tivoli Inventory Server. Regarding queries.sh and queries_db2.sh, the delta contents should be appended to the end of each original file. Regarding the other four .sql files, they should be appended at the top of each original file.

4) Execute "Inven.bat" located in the directory "%TIVOLI_DIRECTORY%\Uma\Inventory" on the Tivoli Inventory Server.

Note: When Inven.bat is executed, all other UMA inventory data tables are dropped and recreated.

4.2. Tivoli NetView integration
No additional setup is required for IBM WorkPad support, if the UMA client has been discovered by NetView with "nvsniffer" command.

4.3. Microsoft SMS 1.2 integration
No additional setup is required for IBM WorkPad support, if the client having UMA has also been set up as an SMA 1.2 client.

5. Limitations
1) The UMA Plus for IBM WorkPad z50 cannot be removed separately from the IBM Universal Management Agent. This plus module is removed when you remove UMA using the "Add/Remove" control panel.
When "IBM Universal Management Agent" is removed by the "Add/Remove" control panel, uninstallation of this plus module is invoked prior to UMA uninstallation. You will see two confirmation message boxes, first is of this plus module and the second is of UMA. Be sure to respond "Yes" to both message boxes in order to uninstall UMA with this plus module, or "No" to cancel the uninstallation.

2) If the UMA Plus for IBM WorkPad z50 is installed after the UMA Plus (including SMART Reaction, EZ Admin, CoSession, and PC Doctor), don't remove the UMA Plus alone. If the UMA Plus is removed and the UMA Plus for IBM WorkPad z50 is left, the UMA will not work correctly. If the UMA Plus and this plus module are installed in this order, only the removal of all UMA related modules are supported by removing "IBM Universal Management Agent" using the "Add/Remove" control panel.
In case the UMA Plus is removed and UMA cannot be removed by the "Add/Remove" control panel, execute the uninstall fix program, "FixUnins.exe", located in the UMA installed directory, and then try to remove UMA again.

3) IBM WorkPad z50 information cannot be displayed by Intel LANDesk Client Manager. If your UMA client is integrated into LANDesk Desktop Manager or LANDesk Client Manager Administrator, the IBM WorkPad z50 information cannot be accessed by these remote administration products.

Windows CE Compatibility:
Windows CE 2.11 (Handheld PC 3.0 Professional)


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