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Casio Cassiopeia A-10 & A-11 Service Pack 1 Power Management Fix

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Power management improvement program for Cassiopeia A-10 and A-11. (Keybddr.dll)

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C:Amie on 05/12/2021 5:13:11 PM


CASIO is providing this the service pack program to improve the power
management feature on the CASSIOPEIA (Models A-10 & A-11).

Complete update information is described below:

Update file Size Date File type
Keybddr.dll 12,288 bytes 2/14/97 Dynamic Link Library

* Title: Power management improvement program. (Keybddr.dll)

* Description: Even though the CASSIOPEIA power is turned off, a
software problem may prevent the unit from properly entering the
standby mode, and some circuits may still operate. This Service Pack
corrects this problem.

* Download:
The Service Pack installer application (Setupex.exe: 65,446 bytes)
will be downloaded once onto your PC. The setup program and the update
program are both included in the one file.

Click the "Download" button below and follow the instructions to
download the installer to your PC. Use 'Setupex.exe' as the file name.

* Install:
Next, connect your CASSIOPEIA to the Windows 95 PC using the serial
cable that comes with the CASSIOPEIA. The H/PC Explorer also needs to
have been installed on the PC.

Use the H/PC Explorer to backup any data from the CASSIOPEIA to your
desktop computer.

Double-click the downloaded file on the PC. Then, follow the
instructions displayed by the PC installation program. The update
program will then be transferred to your CASSIOPEIA.

After the transfer, press the RESET button to restart the CASSIOPEIA,
and then turn the power ON. Please be sure to reset the CASSIOPEIA,
otherwise, the update program will not take effect.

* After You Install
When restoring data from a backup file, a message to Retry or Skip
keybddr.dll may be displayed. Choose to skip the file; it isn't needed
for the restore operation.

* Other cautions
1) This program has nothing to do with the fact that batteries are
consumed much faster when you use a modem card. Continuous use of a
modem card can reduce battery life to about 30 minutes, depending on
the modem card being used.
2) This program has nothing to do with a hang-up that may happen when
you change the main batteries and the backup battery in the wrong
order. Main batteries should always be in place before the backup
battery is changed. If this type of hang-up should occur, you may need
to remove all batteries for 5 minutes. The memory will be completely
cleared. After that, please install the main batteries first, then
install the backup battery.

Grant of License

1. This software is provided only to CASSIOPEIA users.

2. When the customer has purchased several copies of CASSIOPEIA, he or
she is entitled to use the software only for the number of copies that
have been purchased.

3. This software can only be used for the purpose of updating your

4. The following restrictions apply to this software:
A. You may not alter, modify, translate, reverse engineer or
decompile the software.
B. You may not sell, sublicense, rent or distribute it with other
products or as part of other products.
C. You may not provide or transfer the software with a book,
magazine or network.
D. The software updated with the use of this Service Pack must be used
in accordance with the license agreement provided with the CASSIOPEIA.

5. In addition, you must read and agree to the license conditions that
are displayed by the setup application prior the actual installation.

System Requirements:

Casio Cassiopeia A-10 & A-11


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