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A browscap.ini files aid web developers to better log site visits to IIS web servers by Windows CE based PDA's

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C:Amie on 31/01/2022 2:21:13 PM


The Browscap.ini file is used by Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) based Web Servers to discover the Web Browser version and also to provide any additional, relevant information that may be useful when serving data to a particular Operating System or Web Browser.

For example, the browscap.ini file can tell the web server:
- Resolution of the device's screen
- Web Browser manufacturer
- Major and Minor Browser versions
- Frames capabilities of the web browser
- Scripting capabilities of the web browser, e.g. ActiveX, Java, Visual Basic

Some Internet Traffic analysis software also may make use of the Browscap.ini file when analysing the log files of a Microsoft Web Server, although its primary use is in serving Active Server Pages (.asp's).

The currently available information provided by Microsoft and CyScape (Company Officially charged with keeping the listing up-to-date) was only renewed in February 2000. Even up to this date the content for Windows CE based device listings is out of date.
Microsoft themselves last updated browscap.ini in the release of NT4.0 SP5.

There are no listings available for newer devices such as Tablet PC's and for the Pocket PC 2003 range.

This download provides a Windows CE orientated update for the IIS/PWS browscap.ini file

System Requirements:

Internet Information Server 3.0, 4.0, 5.1, 6.0
Personal Web Server 4.0


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