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Devuan D7 Images

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Pre-configured SD Card/Micro SD card/CF card images of Devuan Linux for the Jornada 700 series.

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C:Amie on 17/04/2022 11:44:59 AM


Please make a donation to HPCFactor.com which makes this image possible.

This is a Jornada 720 Devuan-linux disk image made for 4Gb CF or SD cards (with CF adapter) OR larger.

It is set up for Jornada with 32Mb Rom but is slow/sluggish yet once on line with a browser via ssh to a RasPi X-server it is quite fast for surfing the net.
It runs best with J720 with 64Mb rom upgrade (please edit params.txt to mem=64 ) or 128 custom Rom board (requires special 128 bootloader and params.txt mem=128 change).

This image includes all 3 required disk Patitions 1. Fat32 of ~900MB size 2. Linux 2.9GB size 3. Linux Swap file ~ 140MB. Use a fast CF Card or SD Card if possible.

Includes (boots up into) Timob0's jornada-config menu with User= user, Password= u$er
To access root Jornada-config, change Startup option to boot into Console and require log in then logout using ctrl-alt-del then alt L, then alt O==> log in prompt appears
Login as Root...User= Root Password = r00t, then type and enter "sh /opt/jornada-config/jornada-config" to start Root Config menu to max resize CF card, set up wifi, etc.

Includes Connman wifi manager which works with Prism pcmcia cards with firmware ver 1.7 or 1.8 allowing WPA mode (such as Netgear MA401 or Linksys WPC11, etc) for ssh to RasPi or VNCviewer

Sudo command in terminal now works with requiring password!

Includes Bx-kernal patch speeds boot time and programs.

Includes Zram memory compression set to Fraction= 70% (can be changed by "sudo nano /etc/init.d/zram"). Speeds up boot and load sprograms faster

Includes Timob0 J720 sound driver... need to be loaded in terminal with "sudo modprobe snd-jornada720"
There are issues with the included MOC music player memory errors on startup... esp if wifi card is being used... needs a fix

Included Rsync to synchronise folders between RasPi or other Linux X server... need to start ssh on Jornada with "sudo service ssh start" command in terminal before Rsync commands.

In terminal enter "sudo mount /dev/hda1 /cf" so that the FAT32 partition is fully accessible in Devuan to save/use music, web files, etc so dual-boot back to WinCE they can be shared.

Included numerous filemanagement, imaging, editing, terminal, stylus calibration, telnet, cpu top, etc. programs.

Main menu is a bit sloppy but functional if redundant.

Improvements will be on-going but this is quite close to as perfect as is likely to be for a while.

For the time being this site will host this complete disk image, but in near future it will be only available to members of HPCFactor.com.

ADDENDUM: A 32Gb disk image is now being hosted as well. Since this image auto-mounts the FAT32 partition as the /cf folder for acces in Devuan-Linux, it includes a BootBak folder on the FAT32 partition with redundant copies of boot files and several useful j720 cabs. These include a fix to the battery alert since the backup battery is permanently removed for dual boot (install this battery.cab in the windows directory), prism wifi card driver (prismnds.dll) for J720, and Vxutil network tool and automatic time update (set site to time-d.nist.gov...change a to d).

System Requirements:

HP Jornada 710, 720, 728
32MB RAM (64Mb Recommended or the custom 128MB RAM upgrade)
CF Card/SD Card/MicroSD card 4GB+


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