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JWPce is a free Japanese Word Processor

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torch on 19/09/2022 8:15:38 PM


JWPce has many special features. The main ones are:

Online Dictionary: JWPce uses Jim Breen's Japanese-English dictionary. This dictionary allows the user to translate both to and from Japanese, using either kanji or kana. JWPce's dictionary features are highly expanded, the program allows searching of Jim Breen's EDICT (general word dictionary), and ENAMDIC (a name dictionary containing over 168k Japanese names), as well as a number of other Japanese(English dictionaries. Additionally, a user dictionary is supported for words that you cannot find in the online dictionaries.
Radical Lookup: JWPce has the ability to lookup kanji by stroke number, and by identifying any number of radicals contained within the kanji. Thus if you can identify two or more radicals within the kanji, you can search for all kanji containing all of those radicals.
Many Different Kanji Lookup Systems: JWPce contains no less than nine kanji lookup systems.
Kanji Information: JWPce has the ability to provide a large amount of information on any kanji character, including meanings, on-yomi, kun-yomi, etc.
Auto-detect Clipboard: When importing from the clipboard JWPce can automatically detect the clipboard format. This makes reading Japanese web pages much easier.
Unicode Support: JWPce supports Unicode both in files and on the clipboard. As Unicode applications become more dominant, this feature will become even more useful. (Current Unicode applications include Internet Explorer 4.x/5.x, Word, Netscape 4.x, and all native Windows CE applications.)
Color Kanji: JWPce can display kanji in a list you generate in a different color. This allows you to color either the kanji that you don't know or the kanji that you do know.
Advanced Search: JWPce has expanded search capabilities that allow searching over multiple files.
Kanji Counting: JWPce can identify the most common kanji in a file. This list is useful for students who want to identity common kanji to learn.
Regular Actions: JWPce has a very regular approach to user interactions. This allows you to call up the kanji information box from any location, or call up the radical lookup dialog box from any edit box.
Multiple Selections: JWPce allows multiple selection to be used in almost every location. This includes the Open File... dialog box, the dictionary dialog box, the Character Information dialog box, etc. Selection of multiple items is supported wherever it makes sense.
Highly Configurable: Although JWPce is not configurable in all the ways JWP was, in many ways it is more configurable. Look through the Utilities/Options... dialog box for the major options. (Note that dictionary search options cannot be set there, use the Utilities/Dictionary... dialog box to set these).
User Conveniences: JWPce has many user conveniences built into the interface, including remembering where your window is located, reloading files you were previously working on, etc.
Network Configuration: JWPce can be installed on a network where, each user is assigned a location to store his or her personal configuration.


Windows CE 2.11 and higher
533 KB
MD5: 80DC4BAAC8888660E87F4ACD5BD994E2
Windows CE 2.11 and higher
4.42 MB
MD5: D9F17973A50249C63BBF78AAC1E3D929
240 KB
MD5: CA0CEC56E23AF61B9A271595CEC5A8BD
2.04 MB
MD5: C18ED255EBAB0DD6E936653A6C7B39D6
951 KB
MD5: 821726BBCC0FFDFD152E422DF8356170
Windows CE 2.11 and higher
560 KB
MD5: 45C6BB02AB14F2350E43A2658776A538
Windows CE 2.11 and higher
551 KB
MD5: 8B457F412B711B75ECF7E66A22CDCAA8
Windows CE 2.11 and higher
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MD5: BAA0B90A3704AEE1AF73486BD9538E0F
Windows CE 2.11 and higher
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MD5: 57257FFBD1D7E4A60E612443411D48F9


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