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Unofficial Windows CE 5.0 MIPS Port GnGeoCE

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torch on 24/09/2022 7:59:25 AM


Unofficial Windows CE 5.0 MIPS Port GnGeoCE

GnGeo 0.7 for NetForce (S43) Beta Release

This release is GnGeo 0.7, ported for Digital Cube Netforce.
(Not tested on other WinCE 5.0 / MIPS devices)
Please note that I cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from the installation and use of this program.
Distribution of this program is free, but the source must be identified and the original compressed form must be maintained.
Also, you may not distribute or use it for commercial purposes.

1. NEO GEO Emulator for WinCE
==================================================== ==========
A project called gngeo, originally developed for Linux, was created for WinCE.
This is a ported emulator.
By adopting the part developed for gp2x, large-capacity ROM can be used
The running speed is double the screen (full screen), and you can play the game comfortably.

Up to two people can play at the same time.

If the size of the game rom is approximately 12 MB or more, you can only install the emulator file
It is not executed and can be executed through the dump execution method in No. 5 below.

The game rom is named and will not run if it is not named.
For the appropriate compressed file name according to the game name, refer to No. 4.
(Example: MetalSlug.zip (X) -> mslug.zip (O) )
Please note that it may take some time to load the ROM.

2. Install and run
The installation method is a little tricky, so please read the instructions below carefully.

Steps 1 to 5 are all work in PMP.

2-1. Create a folder in the device and copy the contents of the compressed file.
(Example: \Hard Disk\GnGeo)

2-2. If you already have SDL.dll/SDL_Mixer.dll/SDL_Image.dll, proceed to step 3.
If you do not have SDL.dll before, download the 3 DLL files in the SDL folder.
Copy or move it to the \Windows folder on the PMP.

2-3. Find the NEO GEO BIOS (BIOS) on the Internet and put it in the bios folder.
Unzip it and put it in.
(Example: \Hard Disk\GnGeo\bios)

*** When deploying the emulator, BIOS is not distributed together.
Do not distribute including BIOS even when redistributing.
*** gneo 0.7 supports Univ BIOS.

Below is what the BIOS looks like after installed.
1998-03-06 04:21 PM 131,072 sfix.sfx
2001-09-17 11:20 PM 65,536 000-lo.lo
2000-07-17 05:23 PM 131,072 sp-s.sp1
1999-06-25 04:34 PM 131,072 sp-j2.rom
1998-10-25 02:33 pm 131,072 sm1.sm1
1995-11-22 12:44 AM 131,072 vs-bios.rom
2000-07-17 05:27 131,072 sp-e.sp1
1997-12-03 03:54 PM 131,072 sp-s2.sp1
2003-05-18 10:28 PM 131,072 usa_2slt.bin
2003-05-20 05:37 AM 131,072 asia-s3.rom

2-4. Copy the rom file you want to run to the roms folder.
In the case of the dump (refer to No. 5) file, it is also copied to the roms folder.
(Example: \Hard Disk\GnGeo\roms)

2-5. Change the settings to the desired shape in Tools. (Refer to setting method No. 3)

2-6. Select Run from the File menu and select the game rom.
At the same time, the corresponding game is launched.

2-7. If you want to end the ROM execution, click the screen to pause it.
Select File->Exit from the menu.

3. How to set

3-1 Misc
You can usually use the default values.

Country : Set the emulator's country (default Asia (japan), Asia recommended)
Auto Frame Skip: Enables automatic frame skipping.
Auto state save and load - The function to automatically save the state value and read it when re-executing - Check it recommended
Emu threads is stopped... - When the screen is clicked, the menu is displayed and the emulation pause function is checked.

3-2 Video
In the case of NetForce, you can edit the screen twice.

Draw Mode: Fixed DirectDraw
Scan Line: x1 FULL - original game size output (default setting)
x2 FULL - double size output (NetForce recommended value)

3-3 Sound Setting
Usually 22Khz is fine.

No Sound - Turns off the sound. In the case of a large ROM, when there is not enough memory to run
Even if you set the sound, it automatically turns off the sound.
11Khz / 22Khz / 44Khz - Select the sound quality (the higher the number, the better but slower)

3-4 Keys
By default, player 1 is a USB pad and player 2 is a USB keyboard.

After selecting the button you want to set, press the key you want to set.
There are a total of 10 keys (Up/Down/Left/Right/A/B/C/D/Select/Start) that require settings for each player.

* You can also edit KeyBind.cfg directly with a text editor.
It is not recommended for those who are not familiar with keycode values ??or emulators.
the order of numbers
Player1 Up/Down/Left/Right/A/B/C/D/Select/Start,
Player2 Up/Down/Left/Right/A/B/C/D/Select/Start.

4. List of games tested
This is the result of checking a few ROMs that I personally have.
Please note only.
If you send the file name of the ROM that is running and the ROM that is not running by e-mail,
It will be reflected in the list below in the future.

Game name File name Execution or not Dump required Others
------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------
2020 Baseball 2020bb.zip OK No
3 counterbout 3countb.zip OK No
Alpha Mission 2 alpham2.zip OK No
androdun.zip OK No
Dark Combat aodk.zip OK No
Dragon Tiger Fist 2 aof2.zip OK No
Dragon Tiger 3 aof3.gfx OK Yes
blazstar blazstar.gfx OK Yes
Breakers breakers.zip OK Yes/No Sound X, Dump sound OK
Breakers Revenge breakrev.zip OK Yes/No Sound X, Dump sound OK
baseball star 2 bstars2.zip OK No
Captain Tomato ctomaday.zip OK No
Double Dragon DOUBLEDR.zip OK No
eightman eightman.zip OK No
Arang Legend Special fatfursp.zip OK Yes/No Sound X, Dump sound OK
Legend of Arang 1 fatfury1.zip OK No
Legend of Arang 2 fatfury2.zip OK No
Legend of Arang 3 fatfury3.gfx No ---
Goal! Goal! Goal! goalx3.zip OK No
King of Par 94 kof94.zip OK Yes/No Sound X, Dump sound OK
King of 95 kof95.gfx OK Yes
King of Par 96 kof96.gfx OK Yes
King of Par 97 kof97.gfx OK Yes
King of Par 98 kof98.gfx OK Yes
King of Par 99 kof99.gfx OK Yes
King of 2000 kof2000.zip OK Yes
King of 2001 kof2001n.zip OK Yes
king opa


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