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POboe "Pocket Memo"

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"Pocket Memo" is a "memorandum" for Windows CE H/PC Pro.

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torch on 18/10/2022 8:02:20 AM


Pocket memorandum type-T

for Windows CE H/PC Pro
last update '01/06/13
When I replied to the email you inquired about the registration key, some of them were returned with a transmission error.
If you have any idea, please contact us again after confirming from again.
Thank you.

To all registered users
Regarding "Pocket Memorandum type-T", we have decided to stop publishing it as shareware and make it mailware.
The reason is that my main business is extremely busy, and it has become impossible for me to continue to support users and respond to the H/PC2000.
This situation has been going on for quite some time, and I was very sorry that we could not meet the expectations of everyone who used it.

The registration fee that everyone paid was used for the development kit, the actual machine for testing, and the acquisition of materials, but in the end, it was not possible to fully utilize it, and I feel sorry.
I didn't promise to upgrade the version, but I couldn't bear to put it in my wallet as it is, and after thinking about the amount of \83435 that was sent from Vector until the end of last year, on May 1st. I have sent the full amount to UNICEF from the post office. I think that the direction is different, but you will be able to use it effectively. Also, regarding this year's portion, we would like to make another transfer after Vector remits.

In addition, even after the mail software is completed, we would like to continue to support it as much as we can, and the development itself is not discontinued.
Furthermore, since the development kit can now be obtained only at actual cost, we plan to release the source.

We apologize to everyone who was looking forward to future version upgrades, but please understand the above matter.

The registration key as mailware has a different phrase from the one registered via Vector, but you can use the registration key sent by Vector without any problems.

"Pocket Memo" is a "memorandum" for Windows CE H/PC Pro.

H/PC Pro is quite powerful, so I thought it wouldn't be a hindrance to have a tool like "memorandum" on it, so I decided to give it a try.

The functions are as follows.
demo screen

¦ Things you can do

One small piece for multiple pages
Reduce the occupied display area by titling
Piece-by-piece password protection
Program association to each page
Set caption and text background/text color for each piece
View discard function for infrequently used pieces
By discarding small display parts (that is, windows) that are not often used, system resource usage can be reduced.
2.10 implementation of "small piece catalog" implementation
Coordination of existing timers and hardware alarms

¦ Things you can't do

Deleted list does not exist
Plug-ins such as Cel/Dxl/Nxl are not supported
Direct communication with Memorandum/Shin Memorandum will not be supported
Not file compatible with memorandum/thin memorandum
The data manipulation application on the PC side is under development separately. The data exchange function between this app and Shin Memorandum is under consideration.
As of 2000/06/15, I am struggling with the implementation of synchronous processing with a PC. I can't quite make the prospect of release.
Prototype - PC side utility

¦Things I want to do

I want to add a function to share information with multiple people.
I want to link with Memorandum/Shin Memorandum


for MIPS Icon / for SH3 Icon / for SH4 Icon / for ARMIcon
update: 2001/01/21
version : 1.05b
Requires mfcce211.dll / olece211.dll to run.
Normally, I think that it is made into ROM in H/PC Pro.

Incomplete cryptic help. Please wait for a while for the completion.

For installation, execute the downloaded CAB file on CE.
It is easy to download directly on CE from this page.

¦ Version upgrade history

1.05b - '01/01/21

Fixed the problem that the day of the week timer setting is shifted by one day.
Fixed the problem that the day of the week setting cannot be canceled in the day timer setting.

1.05a - '00/09/21

Fixed an issue where removed shards would reappear on hardware reset
Fixed Alt+Enter to show context menu

1.05 - '00/06/15

Fixed to be able to specify the color applied to new creation
Added option not to display page buttons on small pieces
Fixed to take a margin at the bottom by recalculating the size when displaying the page button.
When the page button is hidden, specify the association flag in the resize area
Enhanced keyboard operation
Ctrl+G association execution
Ctrl+F recalculate size

1.04 - '00/02/17

Add initial directory specification to FTP
Fixed returning directory in FTP file selection
Fixed an issue where folders with no files could not be manipulated via FTP.
Expanded so that dial-up can be selected when connecting to FTP
Other FTP tweaks

1.03a - '00/01/26

Fixed the problem that FTP could not be connected depending on the server.

1.03 - '00/01/07

Fixed an issue where Pocket Notes would sometimes not end

1.02 - 12/26/99

Changed to forcibly save data after content change to avoid accidental data loss.
Fixed the possibility of falling into an infinite loop due to the server's response when saving/reading small pieces by FTP.

1.01 - 11/23/99

Changed to use the data of the page being displayed when the title is not set
Fixed user registration menu not appearing if no pieces exist

1.00 - '99/10/21

first official version

¦ User registration

If you would like to use it, please contact us by e-mail as we will issue a registration key.


I would appreciate it if you could tell me about the feeling of using Pocket Memorandum type-T.


Copyright © 1999-2001 T.Chiba/Sayoka Brand.
All rights reserved.


Windows CE 2.11 and higher
136 KB
MD5: E6130C5DE596D97A1883D79A5CF445D4
Windows CE 2.11 and higher
150 KB
Windows CE 2.11 and higher
132 KB
MD5: EDA00D5E3F2EF5F6D3F9839459B74B16
Windows CE 2.11 and higher
132 KB
MD5: 989D9E44421AF9F2C64D79ED2E56C0D3


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