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Plays MIDI files through the serial port

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torch on 19/10/2022 2:38:03 AM


Finally - a program to play MIDI files through the serial port!!!

MIDPlay does that - but not much else at the moment. MIDPlay could (and hopefully will) be much more, but I thought I'll just release this version first - so that those eager to try it out won't have to wait much longer.

MIDPlay sends MIDI data via the serial port to an external MIDI device that accepts serial MIDI data from PCs. Examples of MIDI devices would be some of Yamaha's Tone Generators (TG and MU series), and some of Roland's Tone Modules (SC series).

These devices usually have a 'To Host' 8-pin mini-DIN socket at the back, with a 4-position switch (MIDI,PC-1,PC-2,MAC). The switch needs to be at the PC-2 position for this to work - it transmits at 38400 bps, 8N1.

MIDPlay transmits all events, including key and channel aftertouch, all control changes, pitch bends, and all system exclusive messages.

What's this MIDI thing? How is it different from a WAV file?
Find out more about MIDI from the MIDI FAQ.

My MIDI device only has MIDI IN/MIDI OUT ports. Is there a way to connect MIDPlay to work?
Sorry... no. the serial port of the HPC is just not compatible with the MIDI IN/MIDI OUT ports. The MIDI In/Out ports run at 31,250 bps - a baud rate not available through our serial port. It also uses current loops and opto-isolators, which is not hardware-compatible with RS-232 that our serial ports use.

Are you going to write a MIDI-to-WAV converter? Software wavetable? Play MIDI files through the speaker?
No. I think the H/PC may be too slow. And I don't know how :)

I'll like to be able to compose MIDI files on my H/PC. Do you know of a sequencer for the H/PC? Are you going to write one?
I don't know of any other player or sequencer for Windows CE. And I have no plans to write a sequencer at the moment.

Your pin-out diagram is abit confusing... or I can't get this thing to work - did I wire it up correctly?
Yup... sorry - please make your connections based on the pin numbers indicated on the diagram. If you look carefully at your serial connectors, and you can see the pin numbers next to each pin. The numbers are raised print on the plastic around the pins, so they can be hard to notice if you didn't look carefully.

I can't see the MIDI files and/or MIDPlay on my Palm-sized PC! How do I get it to work?
Yeah, those Palm-sized PCs are rather quirky. To make MIDPlay accessible, you should put it in the \Windows\Start Menu folder on your PsPC. Then, MIDPlay will appear when you hit the Start button.
To see the MIDI files, you need to put then in the \My Documents folder in your PsPC or Storage Card (yes, you'll have to create a \My Documents folder there too) before they'll get listed in MIDPlay's Open file window.
Earlier versions of MIDPlay (pre-v1.02) doesn't work properly on PsPCs. Make sure you download the latest version from above.


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