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Task Switcher

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Task Switcher is a task management app for Sharp Brain

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Masaru Kawamoto
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91 KB
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torch on 06/12/2022 4:54:01 AM


Task Switcher is a task management app developed by Masaru Kawamoto for his Brain. It is an app with many core fans because it is fast and uses less memory. It also has distinctive features such as UI customization, a simple scripting language, and his SDHC support on models that don't support SDHC.

Display the list of apps. Can be selected with a stylus.
notebook and pen icon

A list of applications registered in Brain will be displayed. The registration of the application is the same as the method of displaying it in "Additional application / video".
icon that looks like a tool

various settings. Explorer can also be launched from here.

Allows setting and calling Explorer and Control Panel. Items in order from top to bottom

Control Panel
Call the Control Panel.
Save Task Switcher to internal storage.
My Device
Call Explorer.
Power Config
Power management.
Settings Manager
Stores app and system settings.
System Font Patcher
Replace the system font with the previous font. A reset restores it.

window icon

A list of currently open windows. You can also minimize and close them.
"..." icon

Task Switcher settings. You can change the font loading folder.

Configure Task Switcher settings.

Specifying the font loading folder
Assigning and unassigning hotkeys (shortcut keys)
Selecting fonts to use
Reference folder for skins
Other task management settings

can be done from here.
Double click the icon

View real-time CPU and memory usage. memory too small.

Real-time display of dictionary performance. If you use this, you don't need to check the memory space from the control panel one by one. You can also read the simple script language "TSscript" from the icon on the right. To return to the original menu, double-click again to return.

Task Switcher does not have a Japanese input function, but Masaru Kawamoto has created a Japanese input application "Japanese Input" as an independent application.

Installation Instructions:

If you are using Brain for the first time, first create a Japanese font. If you want to use MS Gothic in Brain, double-click "MS UI Gothic.bat" in the "tswbrain" folder, and if you want to use Meiryo font, double-click "Meiryo UI.bat". Then a black command prompt screen will appear, so press any key to close it. Then, his two font files "jptahoma.ttc" and "entahoma.ttc" are generated in the "tswbrain\Task Switcher\fonts" folder. Your PC is now ready to go.

In addition, Meiryo is a font designed with anti-aliasing in mind, so if you use it normally in Brain, which is disabled by default, it will look ugly. After enabling anti-aliasing with reference to ResetKit and performing a soft reset, the following work will make the display somewhat cleaner.

Copy the "Task Switcher" folder in it to Brain's internal storage or SD card, not the whole "tswbrain". Then launch Task Switcher from "Additional Apps/Videos" and you'll see a small menu on the bottom left. For how to start on the 4th generation, please refer to how to start the app.

Applying Japanese patches can be done from System Font Patcher at the bottom by double-tapping an appropriate part of Task Switcher and pressing the tool mark. For models that do not support SDHC, SDHC compatibility processing is automatically performed at startup.


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