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CE 4.1 Flash ROM version 1.1c

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Windows CE 4.1 image version 1.1C-0013 for the Viewsonic Airpanel 100.

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File Name:
Communicator 4.1_1.1C 013.zip
1.1C build 0013
Download Size:
20.71 MB
Release Date:
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C:Amie on 06/02/2012 2:18:32 PM


Image 1.1C build 0013

1. [Build Version]
0013 (05/02/'03)

2. [Application]

Microsoft RDP 5.1
Microsoft IE 5.5 + XML
Microsoft CE.Net WordPad (PWORD)
Microsoft CE.Net MediaPlayer
Microsoft CE.Net Messenger
Microsoft CE.Net File Viewer (w/o Word Viewer)
Microsoft CE.Net Inbox
Microsoft CE.Net Help
Microsoft Transcriber 1.5 (touch_0400.dll / pwrButton_0101.dll)
Microsoft ActiveSync (sa_usb_ser_0101.dll)

IPSM (FATFS: 2.5MB, Frees space: 1.5MB )

3. [Driver]
Display ddi_0100.dll
Keyboard/Mouse kbdmouse_0100.dll
Touch Panel touch_0400.dll
Audio wavedev_0101.dll
Button button_0200.dll
PCMCIA pcmcia_0200.dll
pwrButton pwrButton_0101.dll
IPSM psmdrv_0101.dll
CDMA Sierra AirCard 7x0 / 550

3. [Added]

4. [Bug fixed]
4.1 Removed Backlight tab

5. [Known bug]
5.1 Recycle size (Microsoft bug: to be fixed in CE4.2)

6. [Recommend Hardware]
ViewSonic AirPanel-100 [128MB DRAM] or
Abocom MA-1000 (X-Pilot) [128MB DRAM]

7. [QFE]
Q324793, Q324822, Q324860, Q325417, Q326241,
Q327366, Q327368, Q327397, Q327483, Q327484,
Q327485, Q327486, Q327506, Q327540, Q327541,
Q327558, Q328013, Q328516, Q328584, Q328650,
Q329110, Q329103, Q329104, Q329106, Q329150,
Q329174, Q329339, Q329687, Q330291, Q329340,
Q329102, Q329957, Q327505, Q331008, Q330505,
Q329879, Q330496, Q303356, Q331920, Q329101,
Q330287, Q810783, Q331436, Q331586, Q331622,
Q325904, Q810909, Q330498, Q811277, Q811268,

--Version Histories-------------------------------------------------
V1.1C-0013.zip 05/02/'03 for VS
V1.1C-0012.zip 04/29/'03 for VS
V1.1C-0011.zip 04/16/'03 for VS
V1.1C-0010.zip 04/14/'03 for VS
V1.1C-0010c.zip 04/07/'03 for VS
V1.1C-0010b.zip 04/04/'03 for VS
V1.1C-009E.zip 03/21/'03 for VS
V1.1C-008E.zip 03/17/'03 for VS
V1.1C-007E.zip 02/20/'03 for VS
V1.1C-006E.zip 02/10/'03 for VS
V1.1C-005E.zip 01/27/'03 for VS
V1.1C-004E.zip 01/17/'03 for VS
V1.1C-003E.zip 01/16/'03 for VS
V1.1C-002E.zip 01/14/'03 for VS
V1.2C-001E.zip 01/08/'03 for VS
V1.1T-001E.zip 01/08/'03 for VS
CWP411S-0006.ZIP 12/23/'02 for VS
CWP411S-0005.ZIP 12/19/'02 for VBI
CWP411S-0004.ZIP 12/10/'02
CWP411S-0003.ZIP 11/12/'02
CWP411S-0002.ZIP 11/06/'02
CWP411S-0001.ZIP 10/09/'02

1 Renew shortcut ICON of AC550.

1 (BUG00105)Cannot hear anything while playing a .mpg file in Media Player
2 Print problem: can not run "Print" dialog from IE/WordPAD etc

1 Add Waveform Audio Renderer component
2 Add AVI Filter component (for media format)

1 changed IPSM start address from 1d80000 to 1e80000 and length is 180000(hex)
[Bug fixed]
1 BUG00116-->ActiveSync only support Files synchronize

System Requirements:

Viewsonic Airpanel 100, Ambocom X-Pilot MA-1000 with 128 MB RAM

Windows CE Compatibility:
Windows CE 3.00 (Handheld PC 2000), Windows CE .net 4.10


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