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WaveLAN Silver PC24E-H-ET (802.11b) Driver

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ORiNOCO Wireless LAN Drivers & Client Manager software & help files

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Proxim Wireless
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Proxim Corporation SR02-01 November 2002
Spring Release 2002

This README.TXT covers information that was not yet known or
available when the user documentation shipped with this product
was written. It includes update information, additional
installation instructions, limitations to the current version of
the product, and suggestions to solve known issues or problems.





Files & Versions
ORiNOCO Wireless LAN Drivers & Client Manager software & help files
* Linux drivers 6.20
* DOS CAD driver 1.26
* DOS ODI drivers 6.10
* DOS Packet drivers 6.12
* Windows PC card drivers (WHQL certified)
* Windows USB Client drivers (see Section 3.2)
* Windows CE drivers 4.06 through 7.62
(subject to the version of the
Windows CE operating system)
* Client Manager 2.90
* Ethernet Converter 4.18
* WSU 8.72
* PCI enablers 5.02b
* EZ-install engine
- EZSetup.exe
- EZCOMP.dll
- Driver Installer


2.1 Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP
PC Card and USB Client Software (May 2002)

* Support is added for Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
* Install supports double-byte charactersets, used by Asian languages.
* CD-Wizard displays secondary windows properly on Win95.
* Corrected installation via Add New Hardware Wizard.
* Drivers for the miniPCI are detected automatically.
* Corrected Error during reboot, after install CM and Driver
under Windows 98.

2.2 Windows CE (May 2002)

Desktop install program displays version information at the beginning
of the installation.
Uninstall of drivers is supported.



3.1 Wireless Adapter does not work under Windows 2000
Description: On some computer systems with a recent BIOS
(later than December 2001) the wireless adapters
based on a PCI bus interface may not work properly.
Affected hardware:
* MiniPCI adapter
* PCI Swapbox adapters based on the Ti 1410 chip
* PCI Swapbox adapters based on the Ti 1225 chip

Affected Windows 2000 versions:
* MS-Windows 2000, 2000 SP1, 2000 SP2, Professional
* MS Windows 2000, 2000 SP1, 2000 SP2, Server
* MS-Windows 2000, 2000 SP1, 2000 SP2, Advanced Server

Perceived defect behavior: Although the
installation of drivers and software in the works ok
for the Windows 2000 operating system, the adapter
does not get/renew an automatically assigned IP Address.

Impact: Your computer will not be able to connect
to networks that use the TCP/IP protocol.
Most of todays networks use TCP/IP for standard
network traffic. TCP/IP is mandatory for internet

Resolution: Whether this issue will occur is related to the
hardware of the host computer system.

In most cases it can be resolved easily by
installing a Microsoft Windows 2000 patch
(post Service Pack 2 update) that you can
download from the Microsoft website at:

On this page use the Search option to search for the
item "Q265296".
From the results select the option:
"Toshiba PC Card Controller May Power 3.3-Volt R2
PC Card at 5 Volts (Q265296)"

Download the item "Q265296_w2k_sp3_x86_en.exe" and
follow the Microsoft instructions for this update.

3.2 USB Device may hang when connected to non-ORiNOCO Base Station
Description: In exceptional circumstances you may encounter
situations where the USB Client driver hangs when
it is connected (assoicated) with non-ORiNOCO Base
This situation may typically appear in situations
where the infrastructure includes a Cisco 350 access
point, that has fragmentation enabled, using a
nominal threshold value, such as 400 bytes.
Impact: A data transfer may timeout in app. 10 seconds,
leaving the connection lost.
The connection can only be restored if the device
is dis- and reconnected
Resolution: If your network includes Cisco 350 Access Points
Disable fragmentation.
ORiNOCO will release USB adapter drivers with
a fix for this problem via their web site as soon
as this fix will become available.



4.1 PCI Card and Wake-On-Lan Support
This information is not applicable to the Ti1410/Ti1225 based PCI adapters.
The PCI Card (the PCI adapter that comes with a factory-installed
radio card) supports the "Magic Packet" for WakeOnLan to
allow the Wakeup from Hibernate and wakeup from standby mode for
computers running one of the Microsoft operating systems below:

- MS-Windows 98 and 98 SE (Second Edition)
- MS-Windows 2000
- MS-Windows Me (Millenium Edition)
- MS-Windows XP Home/Professional Edition

As MS-DOS, MS-Windows 95 and NT4 do no support power management,
Wake on standby/ wake on hibernate is not supported.

WakeOnLAN requirements:
- Your computer runs a BIOS version that supports WakeOnLAN
Consult your computer manufacturer for BIOS updates for
your computer.
- A properly installed Windows installation
Use your Windows Device Manager to verify that there are no
question marks or exclamation marks.
If there are conflicts or issues reported by the Windows Device
Manager, consult the Internet for updated drivers.

To activate WakeOnLan:
1) Look into the BIOS and familiarize yourself with
WakeOnLan-related settings.
2) Determine the PCI version compliancy level of the motherboard
of your computer:
* For motherboards that are PCI V2.2 compliant:
a) Do not connect the 3 wire WOL cable.
b) Make sure you insert the Wireless LAN PCI Card into
the PCI slot that supports wake-up.
Note that some motherboards only support WakeOnLan in
specific PCI slots. (3v3aux).

* For motherboards that are PCI V2.1 compliant, connect the
the 3-wire WOL cable.

3) Start your computer, and use the Windows Control Panel to
check if your computer supports Hibernation.
a) Open the Control Panel, and doubleclick the item "Power Options"
b) Check if the windows "Power Options Properties" includes a tab
called "Hibernate":
* If YES, your computer supports WakeOnLan (proceed with step 4).
* If NO, your computer does not support WakeOnLan.
4) Start the Windows Device Manager and display the properties for the
PCI Card.
5) Next select the Advanced tab.
6) Set "Wake On Lan" to on and click OK.
7) Next, proceed as described below for the operating system of your
* For Windows 95/98/ME: reboot your system.
* For Windows 2000/XP: go to step (8)
a) Start the windows Device manager and display the properties
of the Wireless LAN PCI Card
b) Next select the Power Management tab
c) Check the items:
* "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
* "allow this device to bring the computer out of standby".
d) Click OK to confirm your choices and exit the Device Manager.
This will complete the procedure to enable WakeOnLan.

4.2 USB Installation under Win2000 can generate frozen 'new hardware found'
message when plugging in USB adapter after driver installation. The USB
adapter will funtion normally while the message stays on screen. After
reboot the message will disappear.


5.1 Finding Information
Consult your authorized reseller or manufacturer for more
information. Alternatively consult our Web Site for the most
recent device drivers and software updates and user documentation.


5.2 Contact Technical Support
If you encounter problems when installing or using this
product, or would like information about our other
wireless products, please contact your local Authorized
Reseller or Proxim Sales office.

Addresses and telephone numbers of the Proxim
Sales offices are listed on our Web Site.

Help us Helping you!
When contacting Technical Support, please use the Problem
Report (report.txt) and send it to us by Fax or E-Mail.
A completed Problem Report Form that includes the details about
your wireless product and its host environment will help us
helping you to solve your problems.


Devices that the Hardware associated with this file will work on:
Hewlett Packard Jornada 720 (Handheld PC 2000), Hewlett Packard Jornada 728 (Handheld PC 2000), NEC MobilePro 790 (Handheld PC 2000)


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