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BJC-50, BJC-55, BJC-80 & BJC-85 Driver for CE 2.1x and CE 3.0

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BJC-50, BJC-55, BJC-80 & BJC-85 for CE 2.1x & 3.0

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C:Amie on 03/06/2009 2:11:36 PM


1. Introduction

This product is the BJ raster printer driver for Microsoft (R)
Windows (R) CE 3.0/ Windows CE 2.1x (referred to as Windows CE
from now on).

You can achieve excellent printed results from a variety of
applications running under Windows CE by using this product with a
Canon BJ printer.

2. Product Components

The product consists of the following components:

BJPORTEX.DLL: BJ Raster Printer Driver port monitor
BJRS220.DLL: Driver for high-speed printing
BJRS320.DLL: Driver for high-quality or photo-quality printing
BJCLIB.DLL: BJ Raster Printer Driver color library
USBBJ.DLL: USB driver for BJ printers
README.TXT: This file.
(Contains the product license, a product description,
and operating precautions. Please read before use.)

System Requirements:

The following system and operating environment are recommended in order
to use this product:

Computer Handheld PC
Software Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 or Windows CE 2.1x (English)
Printer Canon Color Bubble Jet Printer BJC-50/BJC-80/BJC-85/
Interface Infrared (IR) or USB connection

Installation Instructions:

It is necessary to install this printer driver under Windows CE to
enable output via the printer. To install this printer driver, files
may be downloaded directly to the handheld PC from a Canon web site
or the web site of the handheld PC's manufacturer. Alternatively,
files may be copied to the handheld PC from a host computer via a
serial cable.
Install this printer driver according to the following procedure,
which is an example of installation by copying files from a host
computer. Refer to the Windows CE Handheld PC User's Guide for details
of the handheld PC.

Note: If you have previously been using your BJ printer with a different
version of the printer driver, you must remove that old version
before installing this new one. To do this, follow the removal
instructions in the Readme.txt file provided with the old driver.
If the old version of the driver is preinstalled in ROM, you
cannot remove it. In this case, you can proceed directly to
installation without removing the preinstalled driver.

Before installing the printer driver, make sure no USB cable is
connected to the USB port of the handheld PC.

1) Enable ActiveSync by connecting the host computer and handheld PC
with a serial cable.

2) Copy setup.exe and Cedrvntc.CAB from the host computer to
an appropriate folder on the handheld PC.
When the following message appears, click OK.

"No converter has been selected for this file type. The file
will be transferred without conversion.
To view available file converters, select File Conversion from
the Tools menu."

3) When the above message appears while copying Cedrvntc.CAB to
the handheld PC, click OK.

Now, carry out the procedure below on the handheld PC.

1) Display the folder containing setup.exe and Cedrvntc.CAB
copied from the host computer. Double-tap setup.exe to start
the installation program.
The following message appears:

"Starting installation."

2) Tap OK.

3) A dialog box specifying a folder in which to install the driver
appears as below:

\Program Files
Name : Canon BJ Printer

Tap OK without changing the settings.

Note: If you install the driver in a different folder, the
driver may not work properly.
If you are reinstalling the driver, the dialog box asking
you to specify the folder in which to install the driver
displays the following path:

\Program Files\Canon BJ Printer
Name : (Install Here)

Make sure you tap OK without changing the settings.

4) File copying starts and a message indicating file copying is
in progress appears.

If you have a handheld PC with a preinstalled printer driver,
a message confirming file replacement may appear.
If this message appears, select Yes or Yes To All.

5) When installation is complete, the following message appears:

"Successfully installed Canon BJ Printer"

6) Reset the handheld PC.

Driver installation is now complete.

This installation program updates the registry with the following

* BJ Raster Printer Driver printing setup information
* Name of module to be used
* Resolution for draft printing
* Resolution for normal printing
* Color information
* Version information
* USB setup information for BJ printer (for handheld PCs with a USB

Also, the following modules are copied to the Windows directory:

* USBBJ.DLL (for handheld PCs with a USB port)

Finally, the following file is copied to
the "My Handheld PC\Program Files\Canon BJ Printer" directory:


Note: Any driver already installed is deleted when RAM is changed
or added. If you change or add RAM, make sure you reinstall
the driver.

Devices that the Hardware associated with this file will work on:
Itronix Fex21 (Handheld PC 3.0 Professional), Itronix Fex21 (Handheld PC 2000)


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