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Ilium Software Handheld PC Freeware Editions Download

Ilium LogoIlium Software is one of the oldest and most established commercial developers in the Windows CE community. Starting development for the original Windows CE 1.0 release, Ilium have continued to inspire and innovate award-winning, quality software applications for mobile devices.

As an avid supporter of the Handheld PC form factor, Ilium have always keenly supported the activities of the community, and recognised the unique needs of the users. With the current focus in the Windows Mobile world being on the Pocket PC and Smartphone form factor Ilium are keen to ensure that successive generations of Handheld PC users are able to enjoy and find functionality from their products.

Ilium has teamed up with HPC:Factor to offer all members of the H/PC community the chance to download and use a range of their Handheld PC applications across all device versions; completely free!
These fully featured, Freeware release editions of some of Ilium's most popular, multi-award winning software are available exclusively through HPC:Factor for the benefit of all our readers.

eWallet 2.1 Icon

eWallet 2.1 (for H/PC 1.0)

  eWallet 3.1 Icon

eWallet 3.1

KeepTrack 2.0 Icon

Keep Track 2.0

  ListPro 3.0 Icon

ListPro 3.0

Recordian 1.1 Icon

Recordian 1.1

  DockWare 1.0 Icon

DockWare 2.0

GameBag One

GameBag One

  Tipster 1.0 Icon

Tipster 1.0

TapeMinder 1.0 Icon

TapeMinder 1.0

  Ilium PhoneTone

PhoneTone 1.0