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Ilium Software for Handheld PC (Freeware Editions) Download

On this page you can download copies of the recently Freeware released Ilium Software applications for use on your Windows CE based Handheld PC. These downloads are brought to you exclusively by HPC:Factor and Ilium, and are not available to download from anywhere else on the Internet.



In order to install the Ilium Software Freeware Edition software releases, you must be using Microsoft ActiveSync 3.1 or later on a Windows PC to facilitate the installation process, or H/PC Explorer 1.1 for Windows CE 1.0 software versions.
Downloads can only be provided bundled within a host installer package, we cannot provide users with access to the cabinet files.

More Information

For information on the individual system requirements for each Ilium application see the product home pages here.

User Manuals & Guides

Ilium Software have provided HPC:Factor with user manuals and guides for their Handheld PC applications and programs. You can download these here.


Which Ilium software application would you like to download?

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DockWare 2.0

(1,002 KB)

eWallet 2.1

(1,226 KB)

eWallet 3.1 (All others)

(1,328 KB)

GameBag One

(346 KB)

Keep Track 2.0

(601 KB)

ListPro 3.0

(990 KB)

Recordian 1.1

(422 KB)

TapeMinder 1.0

(384 KB)


(113 KB)

Tipster for SH4

(76 KB)

Inscribe 1.2 (Trial)

(133 KB)

PhoneTone 1.0

(299 KB)


Brought to you by HPC:Factor & Ilium