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eWallet Freeware Edition

eWallet -- your digital, secure information resource.
Store all your important information in a format that's secure, easy to access, centralised and portable on any Handheld PC.

Using eWallet you can create a repository of frequently used, difficult to remember and sensitive information including:

  • Credit cards
  • Passwords
  • User names
  • Wesbiste logins
  • Calling cards
  • PIN numbers
  • Accounts
  • Health info
  • Travel clubs memberships
  • and much more

eWallet is an 8 time award winning, industry acclaimed security and personal management application. Using strong encryption cipher technology to ensure the safe storage and protection of your personal data. eWallet encrypts your information using the RC4 encryption algorithm with a 128 bit key.
In addition to the features available in the 2.1 release for older device, for users of H/PC Professional or higher Handheld PC's, eWallet 3.1 offers additional functionality over the 2.1 version with features such as

  • Field renaming
  • New Card Templates feature
  • Custom Card design system
  • Details field for memo information
  • Improved visual experience with new icons and custom colour support
  • Live URL's
  • Live Phone numbers (for phone enabled devices)


Easy Identification

eWallet uses fully customisable graphics and icons to make the process of sorting and locating your information even easier. As well as allowing you to create different category's, individual records can be personalised to stand out from one another.
eWallet includes 40 built in icons, 10 modular icons and the ability to add icons of your own making which use the Windows .ico file extension.

In addition you can use custom logo's and background for many items, both the JPG and BMP file types are supported, allowing you to augment the included graphics and quickly and personalise the program to your own needs.
You can download some custom Ilium graphics sets here:

Card Backgrounds (54KB) | Corporate Logo's (138KB) | Icon Set 1 (30KB) | Icon Set 2 (39KB)


System Requirements

  • Windows CE based Handheld PC
  • Handheld PC running Windows CE 2.0 or above
  • 700 KB storage space (in main memory or a storage card)
  • Additional storage space for custom background images, logo's and icons
  • ActiveSync or later for Host Installation


Brought to you by HPC:Factor & Ilium