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GameBag One 1.0 Freeware Edition

GameBag One -- Take a break with 8 great games
The games are designed for portables. You don't need a keyboard, the screens are are easy to see and manipulate. Some are simple, some more challenging. Some you'll know, some are new. There's something for everyone (even your kids!) in these game packages.

King's Corners

Possibly the most addictive solitaire ever.

Shift Left

Think ahead, but not too far! The more cards, the more choices!

Hands Down

Fill in all 7 hands to win. You choose which card goes where, but you must make all 7. 3 levels of play mean fun for everyone.


Match the word with the shape. You'll be amazed! Play with your Contacts or our list of words. Try your name and your friends' too!



You played Dots in school with your friends. You played Dots on vacation with your relatives. Now play Dots in meetings with your computer!


Still fun, and still challenging! How fast can you solve the puzzle? Let your kids try this one too!


Cross Hands

Rack up the dollars in this two-directional poker variation!!

Step Up

Exercise your brain, not your legs, with this challenging game.


Put your feet up with these classic games for your device.
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System Requirements

  • Windows CE based Handheld PC
  • Handheld PC running Windows CE 2.0 or above
  • 370 KB storage space (in main memory or a storage card)
  • ActiveSync 3.1 or later for Host Installation


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