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ListPro 3.0 Freeware Edition

ListPro -- The Ultimate List and Info Manager .
ListPro is an easy way to make, use and reuse all your important lists right on your Handheld PC

Complete file compatibility lets you make your lists on any of your Windows devices or your desktop, and use and change them on any others!

Use ListPro to keep all your lists, thoughts and notes in convenient, easy-to-use ways.

You'll be amazed at how useful you'll find ListPro:

  • daily task
  • project steps
  • interview
  • questions
  • things to pack
  • auction tracking
  • project planning
  • collectibles
  • information we need
  • errands to do
  • favourite restaurants
  • customised to-do lists
  • gift lists and ideas
  • event planning
  • URLs to check out
  • software unlock codes
  • CD and DVD databases
  • videos to rent
  • shopping lists
  • people to keep after

Are you a collector?
If you are a collector. Beanie babies, wine, Magic cards, guitars, music may be? ListPro is ideal for keeping track of your collections, and allows you to have it with you on the road, where you need it the most. ListPro can help you know your collection better than you otherwise could, and help you avoid unwanted duplicates when shopping or allowing others to buy you items as gifts.

Features include:
  • Complete column customisation
  • Powerful column types including Dates, Notes, Categories and more
  • Unlimited-size Notes
  • Sub-items and indenting
  • Numeric columns and amounts with auto-total
  • Show all your items, or only those left to do
  • Direct edit and drag-and-drop items
  • Find, Filter and Sort lists on any field
  • Separate Notes Pane lets you use ListPro as a note organiser
  • Shopping and Errands Lists (build a list from a master list)
  • Synchronising and sharing list files across platforms
  • Print your lists from your CE device or desktop

System Requirements

  • Windows CE based Handheld PC
  • Handheld PC running Windows CE 2.0 or later
  • 400 KB storage space, (in main memory or a storage card)
  • Additional storage space required for application database
  • Microsoft ActiveSync 3.1 or later for Host Installation


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