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Tipster 1.0 Freeware Edition

Tipster -- A fast and easy tip and tax calculator!
When you're out and on the move, especially when travelling internationally ensuring you tip correctly can be the difference between success and bad grace.

Yes, you have a calculator on your Handheld PC, and no, it's not that hard to use it for tips or tax. Just enough clicks that you don't usually bother, right?

With one touch, Tipster gives you your tip or tax amount both by itself and added to your original amount. One more divides the total by any number you select. Adjust the tip or tax percentage with just one more touch -- never re-enter your original amount.

Just one touch to calculate and display your tip, or change the percentage! Configure the amounts you want for tips and tax!


System Requirements

  • Windows CE based Handheld PC
  • Handheld PC running Windows CE 1.0 or above
  • 80 KB storage space (in main memory or a storage card)
  • Additional storage space for custom background images, logo's and icons
  • H/PC Explorer for Windows CE 1.0x, ActiveSync or later for Host Installation


Brought to you by HPC:Factor & Ilium