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CE 2.0 Software Patches, Upgrades and Add-ons

Are you up to date?. The chances are, probably not.

HPC Factor has discovered updates and patches available for Windows CE 2.0.

You may also be surprised to discover that there are add-on's that will enhance the functionality of your device.
For example: How would you like to synchronise over a network, how would you like to be able to browse shares on that network.

The answer is, You can!.

This article for Windows CE 2.0 devices covers these patches and updates, and what to do with them after they are installed.


Will these update work on my device?
If you are using a Windows CE 2.0 based Handheld PC then these patches will install and run on your device. However some downloads my be device specific. HPC Factor has tested the updates and any side effects or problems resulting from the installation of the software are listed next to the item. As always, it is good policy to perform a full backup of your device before installing software, so if there are any problems you can quickly restore the device to a working state.


Windows CE 2.0 SP1

Where would we be without the humble Microsoft SP. It brought Internet Explorer 4 to NT, fixed bugs in 95 and made Office users rejoice. SP1 for Windows CE 2.0 provides a few updates to  Windows CE communication and data management components.

NB: Please make sure to choose the download for the correct device

  1. Copying large files or sets of files to Compact Flash, PCMCIA ATA Flash, or SRAM cards can result in the system freezing when suspended and reactivated SP1 corrects this problem, enabling file copy operations during power cycling.

  2. Copying / Pasting one folder into another where the folders names differ by ONLY the last character (for example: pasting a folder named "Doc" into a folder named "Doc1") has caused the device to crash - this operation now works correctly.

  3. CHAP authentication now supports up to 256-character responses. This will permit your hp Palmtop PCs to connect to more online service providers.

  4. Continuous network use eventually degrades performance over time. SP1 addresses current known issues which result from long-term use with network connections.

  5. Manually changing an event sound in the Sounds control panel caused other event sounds to be set incorrectly. SP1 enables you to individually set any event sound to the .WAV file of your choice without disrupting any other settings.

  6. If you are using Microsoft Outlook version 8.03 or later, and synchronise your hp Palmtop PC with your PC, and the current time zone of your H/PC is set to a location in the southern hemisphere in time zones where daylight savings time is supported, appointments may appear at incorrect times. Appointments will now display at the correct time regardless of location or daylight savings time status in all regions of the world.

Install Size: 247 KB (Main Memory Only)
Installation: Installer
Un-installation: None
Problems: Minor slowdown on soft reset
Usage: No user interface changes
Updated Files:


Download: Windows CE 2.0 SP1

Windows CE 2.0 Network Service Pack (NSP)

With the Network patch installed you can use your Handheld PC in conjunction with a Network Interface Card (NIC). For a list of compatible NICs see the HPC:Factor Hardware Compatibility List. This allows you to synchronise across a Home or Corporate Network and at much higher speeds than that or a serial or infrared connection. This update adds a Network applet to the Windows CE Control Panel. This applet allows you to configure your Network card and IP settings manually or using a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. You can also connect to a NT domain.

The Redirector is an extension of the Windows CE Network Interface Support Patch. It allows you to connect to Network File Shares using the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) to address the shares. e.g. //server/share

The update provides access to networks using the TCP/IP networking protocol only. The Patch does not allow for access to network file or printer shares (See Network Redirector). A generic NE2000 driver, for use on NE2000 compliant devices is provided with the patch, although it is not required to make use of Networking Functionality.

Install Size: 122 KB (Main Memory Only)
Installation: Manual & Host Installer
Un-installation: Automatic
Problems: None reported
Usage: Network Control Panel Applet
Updated Files:


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