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Rich Hawley Page Icon Posted 2007-10-09 4:53 PM
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Everyone has seen all those little games where you and an opponent take turns shooting at each other, changing weapons and have to anticipate the power and angle of your shot.

Isotope 244 has in my opinion one of the best CE versions out there, and with some playing around I discovered I could make it play fine on my Mobilepro 900C.

First you have to download the software and manually install the CAB file to your Mobilepro.

Then you have to run and install WinCESofts GAPI. Set your device to the 240x640 Nyditot setting, and force full screen as shown below.

Then run Nyditot and disable the "swap width and height on rotate" and then select portrait right-handed mode.

Now run the game after reset. It will be sideways, but using the cursor control you can go to the options menu and change all the options. Go to the graphics menu first and rotate it to landscape mode. Then go to the controls menu and set your keyboard up with your favorite letters, such as F for fire, and S for screenshot, and M for minimize, etc.... Finally I selected the tank menu and made the tanks small.

The keyboard keys work fine, the cursor keys can be used to adjust power and angle settings, or you can use the stylus to adjust them and fire as well. Game works great. In the pictures below, the first action shot is the computer shooting at me, the second is me shooting back! Great graphics, fully adjustable game with lots of options, and cute music too.

Two tiny quirks: requires warm reset after quitting and next time you play, for me the menu fonts were larger than before, but still plays fine.

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(AC - Set GAPI.jpg)

(AC - Set NVD1.jpg)

(AC - Set NVD2.jpg)

(AC - Shooting at me.jpg)

(AC - Me shooting back.jpg)

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