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Hardware support

Arturs D.
Arturs D. Page Icon Posted 2007-11-13 6:52 AM
I have some stupid question - what's about hardware support running linux on Jornada 72x? Would it be possible to get working bluetooth compact flash card? The same Wi-Fi card's that works with WinCe 3.0?

Maybe USB??? Throw the PCMCIA card slot?

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bvjones Page Icon Posted 2007-12-23 6:28 PM
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Factorite (Senior)

North Brentwood MD, USA
I'm not sure about the bluetooth - if you've gotten it to run under WinCE on the J72x, it seems like it OUGHT to work with one of the linux userlands.
But I don't think you'll get a USB. I've looked high and low, and can't find ANY 16-bit pcmcia usb cards - don't think they exist. And you have to have 16-bit for the Jornada.
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