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Language support

Arturs D.
Arturs D. Page Icon Posted 2007-11-14 4:04 AM
Before installing Linux on my Jornada, I would like to know - would it be possible to use Russian, Latvian languages to write?

Please, help, it is really important for me!
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bvjones Page Icon Posted 2007-12-23 6:35 PM
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Factorite (Senior)

North Brentwood MD, USA
Check out the last few pages on RTFM's "Prebuilt Linux" thread. There has been a good bit of discussion there about customizing the keyboard for other languages with special characters. If you can do it with RTFM's "prebuilt," I'm sure you could do it with Mongo, too.
CAUTION: If you aren't already familiar with linux commands, however, this may be quite a challenge.
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