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Review: Burr Oak Software' Conversions in Hand 2.5

C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2005-05-01 1:02 PM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
As international travel has proliferated and the world has rapidly become a smaller place aside from the barrier of language, one of the greatest problems many of us face is the fact that we don't all see some of the mathematical fundamental in the same way.
What is one mans pounds, ounces, gallons and miles is another mans kilograms, grammes, litres and kilometres. If you travel, are a scientist or engineer then the chances are whether these differences be in weight, area, temperature, currency or more can prove frustrating.
Burr Oak Software's Conversions in Hand 2.5 for the Handheld PC takes away the need to memorise and input formula and unit conversion values, providing a complete conversions package for just about any mathematical value you can think of, and customisation features for those that they haven't.

John Ottini takes a look at Conversions in Hand 2.5 to see just how functional it truly is.

Read the review and have your say here on the forums.

Review: Conversions in Hand 2.5
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