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ClearView miPC Infinity (Full Press Release)

C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2008-02-25 6:25 AM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
Press Release
Clearview Technology introduces the miPC Infinity, an evolution in mobile computing; the smallest, most versatile and offering the longest lasting battery life in its class.

Montreal, Canada Feb. 14, 2008 -- Clearview Technology today announced the miPC (mobile internet PC) Infinity, a breakthrough product that will bring true meaning to mobile computing.

Slated to ship in the first half of 2008, the miPC Infinity weighs approximately 310 grams (0.68 lb) and measuring a mere 145 x 87 x 28 mm (5.7 x 3.4 x 1.1 inches), the Infinity miPC is the size of a PDA with the power and features of a laptop.

"Clearview undertook a ground-up redesign of the PC architecture resulting in radical miniaturization, extended battery life and high performance in a useable and affordable package that is finally small enough to be called mobile." said President and Founder Csaba Tomas, Clearview Technology. "This device represents a new PC category that has the potential in transform mobile as we know it today.”

Clearview’s breakthrough technology will allow a person to access applications anytime, anywhere -- whether it's the living room, the automobile, an airplane or the office. The miPC Infinity is a productivity device, entertainment device and communication tool.

With the Infinity miPC, consumers can have laptop, PDA, Mp3/DivX player capabilities in a single compact device. Plus, through WIFI, Bluetooth, USB, and Serial, they can easily add peripherals, like GPS, keyboard, mouse, headset and full-sized monitor, to further extend the functionality of the device.

For the first time, on an embedded platform, the Infinity miPC features HID capable Bluetooth drivers that enable wireless connection to the included foldable Bluetooth keyboard and optional Bluetooth mouse. Further enhancing consumer experience, the miPC Infinity features innovative video recording technology through the built in 1.3M CMOS camera. It also features digital picture recording, digital audio recording, DVB (digital video broadcast) TV and FM Radio. As well GPS Navigation is available as an optional upgrade.

“When you are on the move you don’t want to wait for your mobile device to start, you want it to be on instantly to be able to access any feature or application on your portable computer and this is what the Infinity miPC delivers. To offer consumers the ultimate mobile experience we included some of the most powerful and most efficient applications available today; on the productivity side we included Office 2008 from SoftMaker that includes applications compatible with Microsoft’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Opera 9.0 with Flash Light 3 embedded delivering a complete desktop-like browsing experience” explains President and Founder Csaba Tomas, Clearview Technology.

It is the software applications that make the difference on any given computer or platform. The Infinity miPC features - instant on – through its Windows CE 5.0 Pro embedded platform and it is loaded with powerful productivity, entertainment and information software.

Software applications included with the Infinity miPC:
  • Office 2008

  • Calligrapher 6.6

  • CE Agenda

  • Pocket Picture SI

  • Foxit PDF Reader

  • Haali E-book Reader

  • CorePlayer

  • Opera 9.0

  • nPOPuk

  • MSN

  • VOIP

  • Tele Atlas GPS Navigation

About the Infinity miPC (mobile internet personal computer)
The Infinity miPC is the smallest, high performance Windows embedded computer with PC functionality. As a standalone mobile device, the Infinity miPC slips easily into a shirt pocket and offers unprecedented battery life. With high-speed wireless access, it is also a portal to the Web, E-mail, Instant Messenger and VOIP. It is a complete productivity solution with document, spreadsheet, presentation editing applications and as well a media player that can hold countless hours of songs or movies. The included foldable Bluetooth keyboard further enhances productivity and the video out cable allows for mobile professionals to make presentations with any LCD projector. The Infinity miPC Bluetooth and Video Out connection offer optional connections to standard keyboard, mouse and monitor, it serves as a full-featured desktop machine.

Product specifications include:
  • Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 PRO

  • Alchemy AU1250 600MHz

  • 30GB hard drive

  • 128MB RAM

  • 32MB NOR Flash

  • 480x272 wide-WQVGA 4.3-inch Touch Screen TFT

  • 1.3MB SVGA CMOS camera

  • WIFI 802.11 B/G wireless

  • Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR

  • USB 2.0 host & slave

  • Serial

  • 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack

  • Stereo speakers (500mW + 500mW)

  • Microphone

  • FM radio

  • 4000mAh removable lithium polymer battery

  • DC power

Included accessories:
  • Foldable Bluetooth keyboard

  • Stylus pen

  • Headphone

  • USB cable

  • SD/MMC (USB adapter)

  • RJ-45 10 Base-T Ethernet (Serial adapter)

  • S-Video & VGA output (Serial adapter)

  • DC power adapter

Optional accessories:
  • Bluetooth mouse

  • Bluetooth stereo headset

  • DVB-T USB dongle

  • DVB-H USB dongle

Optional GPS Navigation:
  • GPS Cradle with In-Car Holder

  • Tele Atlas Navigation Software

  • Car Power Adapter

Pricing and Availability
The Infinity will be available first half of 2008 through select distribution partners and it will be priced at 699.00 USD for the base model and 849.00 USD for the GPS Navigation model.

About Clearview Technology
Clearview Technology Inc., headquartered in Quebec, Canada has contributed developing the Infinity miPC (mobile internet personal computer), a full-powered, full-featured personal computer running Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 PRO in a pocketable form factor.

Csaba Tomas has founded the company in 2003 and set out to create the smallest and most versatile pocket size device that would be in everyone’s reach. His vision was to transform mobile computing through a device that would bring true meaning to “mobile computing”.
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takwu Page Icon Posted 2008-02-26 3:19 AM
Avatar image of takwu
H/PC Elder

BC, Canada
Hmmm, interesting...

It sells for the same price as a WiBrain on Dynamism ($699). I'd love a great CE device, but not at that price
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ZSX Page Icon Posted 2008-02-26 8:42 AM
Avatar image of ZSX
H/PC Elite

London, UK
Good on Csaba Tomas for bringing his vision to fruition. When the idea was first discussed here it the Infinity seemed really interesting. However, the H/PC/ UMPC/ MID/ Internet tablet space is getting very crowded at the moment. USD$699 is a reasonable price for now - it may well have to drop pretty soon though.
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mikey pizano Page Icon Posted 2008-02-26 11:19 AM
Avatar image of mikey pizano
Factorite (Elite)

Heres an idea: Why not sell it WITHOUT the keyboard for people, who like me, already have a BT keyboard? Also, make the hard drive optional for people who don't want to drop 700 bucks on a PDA...
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CE Geek Page Icon Posted 2008-02-26 2:04 PM
Avatar image of CE Geek
Global Moderator
H/PC Oracle

Southern California
Good ideas, mikey. The device is plenty feature-rich without those things.

That processor is still a MIPS chip, right? Important for people to know.
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cmonex Page Icon Posted 2008-02-26 6:15 PM
Avatar image of cmonex
H/PC Oracle

Budapest, Hungary
it is MIPS, yes
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mikey pizano Page Icon Posted 2008-02-26 9:43 PM
Avatar image of mikey pizano
Factorite (Elite)

Well, MIPS are good processors just that nothing is really written for them anymore.

CE Geek, here is an idea: make the hard drive addable later since some people would rather have a 60GB or bigger. I have to ask though what Bluetooth keyboard it comes with. I have the one from Think Outside without a number row. I would rather have one with a number row but give me a cheaper one any day since I already have one!

On a side note: the one I have works on Linux! I even used it to type this up haha!
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