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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2008-07-15 6:05 AM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
gjcoram - 2008-07-14 3:44 PM

C:Amie - 2008-07-07 6:06 PM

There is one 'slight' problem though:

This would be a second license for a second server, or just an upgrade because the current version you're running won't run on any modern/faster hardware that you can buy now?

Knowing absolutely nothing about SQL: is the open-source mySQL at all a possibility?
It would be a completely new license on a non-shared server. The only retail license I have for SQL is for SQL7.0 which wouldn't work in this instance as we are already on 8.0.

As for MySQL, yes, technically it is possible to do that, however it would require hours of data porting and a complete rewrite of... well, everything. Something that I am not willing to do.
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