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Options for a MobilePro900?

maxinflixion Page Icon Posted 2009-02-24 8:53 AM
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Factor Fanatic

United States
So now that I have a new battery for my 900, the love affair has begun.

I always thought MP's were the same size as Jornadas, so I never paid them much mind until I picked one up and realized I could actually type on this puppy!

So I am successfully running Cmonex Custom Rom 2.0. No complaints. BUT, I am a Linux tinkerer, so I must at least try to run some flavor on this new toy.

I successfully ran Jlime on my Jornada 680 in the past, but I am hard pressed to see a defintiive answer or how-to for running it on the MP900.

Any help or hints are appreciated.

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RTFM Page Icon Posted 2009-03-26 8:50 PM
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H/PC Elite

Green Bay, WI
Jlime runs on the 900c now also. Not sure how you missed that on their main page.. heh


Edited by RTFM 2009-03-26 8:51 PM
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