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Screen Protector for HP 620LX

Ranjit Page Icon Posted 2004-10-29 2:30 AM
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H/PC Newbie

Hi All,

I need a screen protector for my HP 620LX. It looks like protectors are not made for this type of palmtop pc's anymore. Does NE1 know where I could get one that would fit my palmtop pc? Also, does NE1 have experience with the EXiM SPUP from pda-now.com or the one for the HP 720 from expansys.com or the one from boxwave.com? Please let me know.

thank you.

best regards,
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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2004-10-29 7:57 AM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
I don't know of any specific commercial products. However you could just get an Expansys one for the 720 and trim it down.

It may also be worth you having a chat with Sandy from Image 911 (board username Image911) as he and his team specialise in extream H/PCing and know a lot about protecting the devices.

They even have products to do just that: http://www.image911.com/
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