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Review: Chinese 7" Netbook

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CE Geek Page Icon Posted 2013-03-12 8:30 AM
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Southern California
I'm sure it can be improvised, though you'd probably have to do some case modding a la Rich. There's also an outside possibility of finding them sold in lots on alibaba.com, since there are still lots of Android netbooks being mass-produced in China using the same outer shell.
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scotterbug Page Icon Posted 2020-04-10 6:43 PM
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Well found my old CE netbook 2 weeks ago in the basement. brought it back to life. Original charger gone. But I picked up a multiple charger unit at Menards.
An I now use a mini Logitech wireless mouse, and for loading up videos and listen to Bob and Tom at work at night I use a Sandisk 64gb minicard.
Way back when we just had the SD cards that maybe went up to 16gb, and cost 20 bucks. This unit is about the same size as the RCA Mercury Pro
Android with the snap on keyboard. Having fun testing different video formats and word programs.
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