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Netbook pro/cisco aironet connection issues

Mr.JT Page Icon Posted 2011-03-14 2:13 AM
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United Kingdom

I am having problems connecting my netbook pro with cisco aironet 350 wireless card to certain access point. I have previously used it successfully on other wireless networks, however this one, which is WEP protected seems to have issues.

I can connect and signal strength is good (I.e., authentication on the network is ok-status says it's connected) just when I open Internet explorer (or opera mini) no pages load and I get a 'cannot find server or DNS error'.

This network functions with my normal laptop without problems. I think it's something to do with the DHCP not assigning a default gateway or DNS when it gives the netbook an IP address as these lines are blank in the network information on the netbook. Also, weirdly under network connection details, the network lease (from DCHP server??) expires on the same time/date as it was obtained? I have tried setting up static IP and copying DNS etc from my laptop that works, but it still isn't working.

Also strangely, I can enter a wrong WEP key and it still gets an IP address and says it's connected?! Pages still won't load though... Which maybe points to wrong WEP setting? E.g., I have index key set as '1' but what is this? I don't need to define it on any other computer??

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