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Compiling programs in Jlime?

indstr Page Icon Posted 2011-09-27 4:31 PM
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Factorite (Senior)

United States
Hi. I recently got a Mobilepro 900 and am considering trying out Jlime on it. I was curious if anyone has any experience with compiling open source software on a HPC?

I'm only a moderately experienced Ubuntu user and have compiled some things myself on my desktop... But I wasn't sure if it might be somewhat crazier experience trying to do it on a handheld?

Is it possible that I may succeed in building a working version of something like This (Schism Tracker), or is it just a pipedream?

I figure if the answer is "no chance in hell", then I probably shouldn't even bother wasting my time trying to get Jlime installed in the first place

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sophisticatedleaf Page Icon Posted 2011-12-13 1:43 PM
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H/PC Elder

Sunny California
Rather than compiling directly on your handheld (cool to watch, but very impractical), it's best to set up a cross-compilation system, or a "toolchain". A few years back (where you might see posts of me compiling on my Jornada in this forum) crosscompilers were not nearly as easy to set up, but now it's not so bad.

Get yourself a good Debian setup running on your machine. Jlime has a crosscompiler for the 900 on their page here: http://jlime.com/wiki/downloads/mp900/extra
though I would give these links a look too (the last you may find interesting):

"No chance in hell" only applies to closed-source projects that cannot be ported to another system. However, it might take a good bit of work before it works right. Or it might take very little at all. I don't have a 900 and my Jornada's been dead for a while now, but I could certainly play along inside an emulator if you'd like to go for it.

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