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WordPad stopped running - Psion NBP

Jacobi Page Icon Posted 2012-09-13 10:39 PM
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I got out of using my Psion a while back because of a problem after trying to reboot it into Linux (with I expect, were somewhat faulty Linux boot files, hence, my quest to get the good ones, please see this thread in case you could help?)

How to Install Linux on a 128MB CE.NET 4.2 Psion NetBook Pro


Back to this thread:
After trying to boot the Psion from CF, it would not reboot into Windows. Turns out, it was just very slow, it did boot back to CE eventually, but, now WordPad does not run.
The icon is there, but nothing loads. I was using the Psion a lot for taking notes so this is a major problem!
What can be done to repair WordPad?
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