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Windows XP Patch Guide (Final)

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C:Amie Page Icon Posted 2014-07-25 9:19 AM
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H/PC Oracle

United Kingdom
When I inherited the centre, the machines had been put in under some council grant project about 4 years earlier. There were three rooms of these under powered Elonex boxes that had received virtually no attention in 4 years. This was after SP2 came out, but before SP3. There were still machines running XP RTM, a few had SP1.

Some of the restore cards had been turned off, some had malfunctioned - some had shaken lose from the PCI slots and a few machines were just missing. Of course I didn't know the damn things were in them, which caused quite a lot of wasted time on my part trying to service these machines to a standard base until I worked it out. It also explained why they were so slow as those with enabled cards were writing the differencing data to the same physical disk. When doing servicing it just killed them.

In the end I disabled all of the cards. I did do an experiment with one using a second drive for differencing, that worked far better.

Annnny way. I'm glad that XP has been put to bed finally. Equally that I have got this off of my to do list.
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