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IBM 4GB Microdrive MIPS4300.exe file

Hercule Page Icon Posted 2015-12-17 3:06 PM
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United Kingdom
The Hitachi website states that a file MIPS4300.exe is required to support VR4121 processor for its Microdrives. I have a 4GB one.
Does anyone have this file to add to our forum?
Many thanks.
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Rich Hawley Page Icon Posted 2015-12-17 9:01 PM
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H/PC Guru

If you check the HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) you will see that all of these drivers are already on HPCFactor under "Storage Devices/-Hard Disk (CF/PC Card) file area. Nice try however....

The problem is that the microdrives come with either the embedded ide controller, or the CF controller. One will work in our HPCs, and the other will not. Those that have the CF logo or word printed on the Microdrive will normally work...those with the IDE interface are those that will not because they were designed for MP3 players and some cameras.

And they tend to be warm and a little power hungry...so most people just go for a solid state CF memory card...
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