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Software Installation error

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Teflow Page Icon Posted 2016-02-01 12:55 AM
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Factorite (Junior)

United States
I am trying to install a program onto a couple of hpcs. One is a Jornada 690 and the other is a Mobilepro 780. The software is/was sold by Hardcover Software named Cyber Man, a Pac man knock off. I purchased this years ago and never had an issue installing it. I am using activesync 3.8 on a PC running XP. The erro message is:
"An error occurred during the move data process:-623"

Any ideas as to what this means?

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stingraze Page Icon Posted 2016-02-01 8:39 AM
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Writing Team
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Are you installing by running an .exe file on Windows XP?

I searched online, and according to this site, the error occurs when you are running other applications .

Try closing all other programs on your Windows XP or copy and paste the .cab file from the Activesync folder to your hpc.

Another possibility is that you are running Windows XP under VMware. A Japanese site said you should restart the guest OS (Windows XP).

Hope it helps.

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