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Sharp Mobilon 4100 - 4500 questions

Anton7610 Page Icon Posted 2016-08-23 4:25 PM
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Factorite (Junior)

Hello everybody!

On the occasion I got two machines - Sharp Mobilon 4100 (monochrome) and 4500 (color).


- The display of monochrome 4100 is totally destroyed (problems with flex cables). Is it possible to find it as a spare part? As I understood from eBay, this device is pretty rare nowadays...

- The 4500 does not want to turn on. It does not have battery (only it`s body, the cells are thrown away). When you plug AC adaptor, the red LED quickly flashes and nothing else happens.
Maybe someone has a service manual to realize, what does this red blinking mean?

Thanks in advance 2 all! I understand that those 2 devices are total trash, but who knows, maybe it`s possible to give them a second life?

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Paianni Page Icon Posted 2016-08-29 11:21 PM
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H/PC Elite

England, UK
I wouldn't bother with either of them if they are in poor condition and repair. The NiMH batteries always wore out in the first few years, it is possible to rebuild them but even then, there are newer HPCs, especially the MobilePros, that are more reliable and have greater usability.

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